3radical Partners With Kayser-Roth Corp to Drive Direct-to-Consumer Relationships

Solution Will Provide Mutually Beneficial Experiences to Promote Consented Data Capture

3radical, the leader in audience engagement and consented data capture solutions, announced its signing of their newest North American client, Kayser-Roth Corp, one of the legwear industry’s most innovative companies, to implement a series of adaptive customer experiences to nurture direct customer activation and retention.

Kayser-Roth has traditionally relied on retail distributors to sell their apparel to consumers. As distribution channels have become more digitized, Kayser-Roth sought ways to build direct-to-consumer (DTC) relationships across eCommerce channels in order to meet consumers’ ever-growing digital expectations. While many other manufacturing brands have missed the opportunity to listen, engage, and bring value directly to their customers, Kayser-Roth wants to provide value that aligns with the delivery of privacy-centric consented consumer experiences. Therefore, Kayser-Roth set out to understand more about their customers’ motivations, needs, and intentions which will help them deliver personalized marketing communications and offers, and drive repeat purchase and customer retention, all fostered through mutually beneficial value exchanges.

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“We chose 3radical for three reasons: 1) their expertise in audience engagement and consented data capture; 2) their comprehensive service offering to help Kayser-Roth activate and deliver upon the data we earn from our audience; and 3) 3radical’s modular platform that executed a highly customized solution in a matter of weeks without heavy tech implementation and resource strain,” said Emil Consuelo Chief Privacy Officer. “In-line with our portfolio of innovative legwear brands, we want to be on the cutting edge of how organizations engage with their audiences and build brand loyalty. And with 3radical, by aligning content with consumer expectations, we’ve already experienced 100%+ lift in marketing opt-in rates.”

3radical is providing a consent and quick navigation content solution integrated within all pages of Kayser-Roth’s BURLIX site. The experience surfaces personalized content to incoming traffic, based on media source and segmentation, and explicitly captures consented data in order to maximize the opportunity to obtain marketing opt-in. 3radical will also provide relevant engagement experiences based on source personalization and customer segment as part of Kayser-Roth’s email program with the aim of achieving an even deeper level of data capture. These customer-declared values, needs, motivations, and intent will support personalized future offers and communications on an individual basis.

“We are excited to be working with Kayser-Roth, a company with such a strong ethos around quality, sustainability, and being made in America,” said Michael D. Fisher, CEO, 3radical. “3radical’s test-by-design customer experience implemented for Kayser-Roth’s BURLIX brand will ultimately inform the best approach for their other brands, including HUEnewyork.ca in Canada, followed by additional international market deployments.”

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