Productboard Unveils Groundbreaking Capabilities Empowering Product Leaders to Increase Organizational Efficiency and Deliver Business Value Faster

With newly launched capabilities, companies can measure velocity across the product lifecycle and track product investments to reduce the risk of costly product delays and failures.

Productboard, the customer-centric product management platform that helps teams get the right products to market faster, announced new features to empower product leaders to deliver business value faster while driving organizational efficiency. With the new reporting and Customer board capabilities, Productboard is giving both leaders and teams unprecedented visibility into how their product organizations are running to help them deliver business impact, faster.

“Today’s macroeconomic environment is challenging companies to scrutinize spending across the board, while increasing efficiency and productivity—but building great digital products that solve real customer problems remains a key priority,” said Hubert Palan, Founder & CEO of Productboard. “Product leaders are concerned about speed to market, but what is often lost is a deeper understanding of where inefficiencies are across the entire product development lifecycle. With this release, Productboard is giving product leaders real-time data and insights to help spot and resolve inefficiencies in the product organization and align resources to their business goals.”

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As recession fears grow, product leaders are realizing that it is more critical than ever to align the product organization on key priorities, track investments across these priorities, and measure the velocity of delivering value to customers. Since product teams use a myriad of tools during the product lifecycle, leaders have often struggled to fully understand where the true bottlenecks are and more broadly, to better understand the end to end process. This prevented them from adjusting resourcing and fixing inefficiencies in the product development process, which put product investments at risk, slowed value delivery, and increased the likelihood of shipping the wrong solutions to the market.

“Ultimately, everyone’s job is easier and more streamlined, as Productboard ensures excellent organization-wide visibility and transparency into our product strategy and roadmap delivery,” said Grishma Rupani, Sr. Director, PMO, at BigCommerce.

Productboard is launching three new capabilities to help both leaders and teams gain the visibility they need to resolve bottlenecks and risks in the product development process, allocate resources effectively, and better understand customer needs—putting their organization on the path to success with line of sight into how their organization is operating.

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Efficiency Reports – Using efficiency reports, product leaders can see the time it took at each stage of the development process all the way from problem discovery to delivery for every feature in a release and be able to track these over multiple quarters. With this insight, product leaders can easily spot the bottlenecks and thereby, work with their teams to quickly resolve issues and turn speed into their competitive advantage.

Resource Allocation Reports – With resource allocation reports, product leaders can maximize their team’s impact by ensuring key initiatives are appropriately staffed and aligned with the organizational goals. This also allows them to ensure “shadow” projects are not stealing resources from key projects.

Customer Board – With Customer board, product leaders have all customer context within reach. Feedback, feature requests, and status of requested features for key customers and segments are centralized within one consolidated view, giving leaders the confidence to navigate every customer meeting, make better product decisions, and increase customer retention.

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