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Ad Experts Release New Service That Helps Real Estate Agents Grow Their Business Hands-Free

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The ad experts at HONE Digital Marketing have released a new done-for-you service that helps residential real estate agents grow their business hands-free.

HONE Digital Marketing, a digital marketing agency specializing in digital advertisement and sales solutions for B2B and B2C clients in a variety of verticals, has announced that they have released a new done-for-you service that helps real estate agents grow their business hands-free.

HONE has worked with small to mid-size brokerages as well as individual agents since 2015 and has noticed a lot of problems in the residential real estate business development space. When it comes to taking advantage of the digital and social spaces online, there seems to be quite a bit of misinformation, attention given to non-important activities, and not to mention poor sales training. All of this leads to barriers on agent production, feast and famine cycles, and agents who think they run their own business when really they are just doing the job for a commission check.

“Working with friends and family is a great way to stay broke. What is the story you tell yourself about the people who sell 75+ homes a year? That they just know a lot of people? You don’t make money from your friends and family. They often want you to work for free or feel like they are doing you a favor. You need to break into the market and find people you don’t know and turn them into sales opportunities,” says Attilio Di Nunno, Owner & President of HONE Digital Marketing.

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“Our real estate business development solution provides a way for real estate agents to build up their pipeline with exclusive residential real estate leads in their area. We follow up, survey, and provide consistent custom content to the pipeline to stay top of mind and book appointments for our agent clients, among other cutting edge techniques,” states Attilio. “Over the past 5 years, we have experimented, tested, and honed this solution to achieve quality leads for real estate agents at very low costs per lead, around $2.16 per lead on average. I believe this solution is an extremely valuable extension to any residential real estate agents pipeline and referral building efforts.”

The agency’s real estate solution is fully managed by advertising experts following a proven proprietary system set up to acquire more residential real estate leads. Clients enrolled in the solution receive a dedicated client success partner, a custom CRM (customer relationship management software) to hold contact info, conversions and appointments, and easy access to support.

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The digital marketing agency provides a no-obligation demo of their new real estate business development solution for real estate agents interested in generating residential real estate deals and referrals online.

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