AdHash, Innovative Self-Hosted Advertising Platform, at 2022 Collision, Conference in Toronto

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Company’s Proprietary Technology Protects Users’ Privacy While Still Allowing Effective Targeted Campaigns Through Contextual Intelligence and Real-World Data

Swiss startup AdHash will showcase its innovative self-hosted advertising platform during Collision 2022, which takes place next week (June 20-23) at the Enercare Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The company will exhibit onsite one day only, Thursday, June 23 from Stand B3602 – Advertising, Content & Marketing in the Enterprise Software Solutions Pavilion.

AdHash’s platform utilizes new technology to enable advertisers to target and optimize campaigns in ways that, until now, had never been possible. By combining contextual intelligence with real-world data, advertisers can achieve a greater degree of ad relevance, and publishers can effectively monetize their content in a cookie-less world without compromising their readers’ privacy.

The platform, designed and built by founders Martin Stoev, Adriana Taseva, and Damyan Stanchev, was derived from the need to cut out the complex, opaque, and inefficient net of ad tech middlemen, and combat prevalent advertising fraud. Its proprietary technology allows for data to flow directly between publishers and advertisers, so AdHash, as a company, is not an intermediary in the process. This eliminates the need for trust and third-party verification platforms, and enables daily payment reconciliations, along with accurate real-time data, immediate control, and complete data ownership.

What differentiates AdHash from other digital platforms, including monopolizing tech giants, is that it delivers value not by locking data in, but by allowing advertisers and publishers to collect their own advertising performance data by installing the technology on-premise and bringing the ad serving and data collection processes in-house. With privacy at the forefront of its mission, AdHash will never base campaigns on demographic-specific data such as race, age, or income level for instance, but rather automatically adjusts advertising bids based on contextual relevance and real-world triggers such as sporting events, weather changes, stock prices, holidays, and more. Domino’s Pizza in Europe, for example, would automatically trigger their home-delivery campaign when it rains. The campaign would also automatically bid higher during major sports events to cater to hungry home spectators. This drove 92.3% increase in engagement.

AdHash’s technology takes a different approach from the divisive nature of the current advertising industry which focuses heavily on collecting, repackaging, and selling sensitive data. By replacing unreliable third-party data with authenticated and consented first-party data the company can offer consistently more reliable information that can translate into a higher return on ad spend.

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“Over the last decade, the advertising world has gone through massive transformations including the collecting and selling of consumers data with very little of that money ending up in the hands of content creators, and we have aimed to change the industry by offering a smarter, safer, more economical option that allows clients to be in full control,” said AdHash Co-Founder and COO, Adriana Taseva. “At AdHash, we create value not by locking data in, but by empowering publishers and advertisers to collect, own, and manage their own [data], so that more of the advertising funds go towards true content creators instead of opportunistic middlemen, and the risk of ad fraud can be mitigated.

AdHash is a privacy-focused advertising platform that eliminates much of the ad tech middleware and allows advertisers and publishers to bring the technology and expertise in-house, making transparency the default state of digital advertising. But transparency and efficiency are not the only goal. AdHash believes that the entire ad industry needs to adopt a more privacy-focused mindset. The cultural and regulatory shift towards privacy is poised to cleanse a lot of shady ad targeting practices that have gone unnoticed for over a decade. AdHash is at the forefront of this industry shift, delivering cost-effective, privacy-focused advertising that sells products to people without turning people into products.

Released on May 13, 2022, AdHash is currently operating Platform v2.7 with plans to soon release v2.8. This update will include:

The launch of a unique new ad format called Parallax that interacts with the gyroscope on a mobile device and thus responds to the movements of the user’s hand.

State-of-the-art brand safety mechanisms are advancing by allowing custom presets and filters for individual campaigns.

The unveiling of a user control that will allow for adjustable brand safety thresholds.

A real-time bidding process that accounts for both the price, but also the quality of the ad.

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