Wisdom Launches New Short-form Audio Format ‘Voice Answers’ in Bid to Solve Social Audio’s Biggest Challenge

The Pioneering Short-form Audio Format Aims To Resolve Drawbacks Related to the Social Audio Format Popularised by Clubhouse

Wisdom, a social audio app that facilitates one-to-one meaningful conversations, launches a pioneering new format, ‘Voice Answers’, an asynchronous short-form audio take on the traditional questions and answers format.

Voice Answers was designed to overcome the limitations associated with the live social audio format, popularised by Clubhouse. Now the centerpiece of the app, ‘Voice Answers’ delivers an algorithmically curated feed of wise answers to self-discovery questions like “Describe your idea of a perfect day.” to mentoring questions like “How do I break into the film industry?” to life hack questions like “How do I set boundaries in a relationship?”

Social Audio has demonstrated tremendous promise, with platforms like Clubhouse, Spotify, Twitter, Discord and LinkedIn rolling out social audio experiences to hundreds of millions of users. However, social audio has recently been much maligned, with recent headlines including “Is social audio already dead?” and “The Rise And Fall Of Social Audio.”

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Dayo Akinrinade founder and CEO of Wisdom comments: “The biggest challenge with social audio today is its low listening value-to-word ratio. While podcasts are carefully planned and produced, social audio tends to be more freewheeling and, as a result, the content quality is less reliable. Another challenge is the consumption of live audio content being limited to whomever happens to be listening at a given time. Inspired by TikTok’s content-first algorithm and short-video format, my goal with Voice Answers’ asynchronous short-form audio format, is to bring elements of TikTok’s innovation to social audio by preserving the excitement of live conversations, whilst also solving the low listening value-to-word ratio problem that’s endemic to the live social audio format that Clubhouse pioneered.”

With today’s launch of Voice Answers, the Wisdom app opens to a voice answer, which the user can listen to or swipe. Each swipe informs the machine-learning algorithm, helping improve content recommendations to provide a stream of personalised, high-quality answers.

To be creator-friendly, Voice Answers are restricted to less than 60 seconds and Wisdom auto-generates an audiogram for each Voice Answer, which creators can easily share on other social networks.

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Dayo continues: “Questions and answers are powerful tools to unlock insights and gain a deeper understanding of who we are and the world around us. Early in my career, as a black woman in tech, I lacked access to wise people, which hampered my progression. The Voice Answers format is positioned to empower us to share our wisdom with the world, whilst simultaneously pioneering a new short form asynchronous audio format which I hope will overcome the current challenges associated with social audio.”

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