Connatix Unveils Stories for Publishers for Better Web-Mobile Presence

Stories for Publishers” Brings Social Media Type Interactivity to the Mobile Web Experience

Connatix, the most advanced video syndication and monetization platform for publishers, has announced the release of Stories for Publishers. A first-of-its-kind product, Stories for Publishers gives users access to an engaging, social-like experience, with full control for both content and monetization on an owned and operated mobile web presence.

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Stories for Publishers provides publishers with an interactive and vertical video unit that blends into their pages. By clicking, swiping, taping, and using other gestures, end users engage with the mobile sites they visit in a way that was previously limited to dependency on social media apps, such as Instagram or Snapchat.

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At the time of this announcement, David Kashak, CEO of Connatix, said, “For way too long, publishers were dependent on social platforms to give their end users access to the interactive mobile web experience they had come to expect.”

David added, “The problem with this structure is that these walled gardens siphoned all of the ad revenue and data. What we have created with Stories, is a way for publishers to offer the same experience, while retaining all revenue. The days of social media dependency are over.”

The interactive unit opens opportunities for publishers to interact with new audiences and brands. It provides readers and consumers with better content and ad experiences. Stories for Publishers integrates seamlessly within the publisher’s workflow and is complemented with a set of intuitive editorial tools minimizing the need for additional resources and attention.

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Stories for Publishers is integrated into the Connatix video engine and is supported by the full power of the Connatix tech stack.  Its advanced ad server allows publishers to run their own campaigns, work with their other monetization partners, or take advantage of the Connatix exchange. 

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