Outbrain Acquires AdNgin to Further Enhance the Reader Experience

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Investing in Reader Optimization, Acquisition Will Help Outbrain Continue to Put Personalization First

Outbrain, the world’s leading native advertising platform, today announced it has acquired AdNgin, a UI optimization company built to enhance the reader experience. This acquisition is Outbrain’s sixth to date, continuing a string of growth-driven accelerations in the last several years.

Guiding digital discoveries of readers around the globe, Outbrain connects publishers, marketers and consumers through personalized, interest-based recommendations. AdNgin focuses on that same level of personalization, individually optimizing the reader experience based on their visual preferences. The understanding that every consumer is different — from their personal interests to the way they interact digitally — is what inspired the two companies to come together. Harnessing the combined technologies, performance will continually scale as publishers see higher RPMs (revenue per mille), marketers higher CTRs (clickthrough rate), and readers better overall content interactions.

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“AdNgin removes the guesswork of digital advertising, allowing us to automate the optimization of our reader experience. It’s fascinating to see a technology that can make continuous improvements and lead to significant uplifts of RPMs and CTRs,” said Asaf Porat, Head of Global Operations at Outbrain.

After a short, six-month pilot, the consistent double digit CTR lifts shown sealed the deal for the two, personalization-driven platforms.

“As we’re innovating our platform with transformative initiatives — in-feed autoplay video and endless feeds of content discovery — we can’t forget what makes Outbrain perform in the first place: reader personalization; from the personalization of content to the personalization of UI. This acquisition will help us seamlessly focus on the entire, personalized journey,” said Yaron Galai, Founder and CEO at Outbrain.

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“Joining forces with a native powerhouse like Outbrain, which organically outperforms the competition using interest-based recommendations, couldn’t be a more perfect digital advertising match. This is an incredibly exciting start to a high-converting content adventure, both for us, and the end consumers,” added Amnon Lahav, Co-Founder of AdNgin.

Lahav will bring his decade plus of UX experience to the forefront, closely collaborating with Outbrain’s Business Optimization team as the new Head of UI Optimization.

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