How Bloggers Can Expand Revenue Quickly and Efficiently: 4 Learnings Coming from Ungagged London

UnGagged London | Digital Marketing & SEO Conference 2018
UnGagged London | Digital Marketing & SEO Conference 2018

London Tech Week is rapidly becoming a “must attend” for those of us in digital marketing space; seemingly out of nowhere it may soon contend with an influx of travelers and knowledge seekers as SWSX, with multiple tech-related conferences featuring everything from large headlining companies such as Microsoft with a broad horizon view of our tech future to smaller and more nimble SaaS players such as Intellifluence with what a practitioner can be doing today.

Focusing on the now is exactly what one can expect to see at Ungagged London this year; having last spoken here two years ago, I’m astonished at the growth and variety of speakers focused on everything from video marketing and speed optimization to marketing in a post-GDPR world. From these various topics, I’ve put together an ad hoc four talk track for bloggers looking for revenue expansion.

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Four Ungagged Talks for Bloggers

Step 1: Tracking Improvement

Jill Quick of The Coloring in Department will be presenting on “The Problem of Acquisition: Turning Cost into Cash.” Taking place on June 12, I place this first as it is absolutely vital to setup proper tracking prior to any traffic acquisition campaign; what one can to expect to learn from Jill in this talk are the pitfalls and workarounds to reliance solely on Google Analytics.

The main takeaway for bloggers is how to tackle common settings issues in their analytics setup, to stop relying on bad data.

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Step 2: Build a Profitable Private Blog Network (PBN)

I will be presenting on ‘Building and Operating a Profitable PBN Using (Mostly) Free Tools and Influencer Networks.’ As the second talk in this blogger track, the focus is on how to expand opportunity generation via influencer networks and low-cost tools on a private blog network, to best make use of one’s existing assets. The main takeaway for bloggers is how to explore other avenues for revenue beyond the typical advertising and lead generation approach, to maximize revenue potential.

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Step 3: Use Mass Media

Ross Tavendale of Type A Media will be presenting on ‘The Trump Technique: Manipulating Mass Media to Get Your Story (and links) in the Press.’ As the third presentation in the blogger track, the strategy shifts to PR, which the site should now be ready for, having previously improved analytics tracking and a methodology for improved monetization. The main takeaway for bloggers is how to use the media to push a story for the benefit of traffic and links.

Step 4: Layer on Paid Social

Marty Weintraub of Aimclear rounds out our blogger track with ‘Making Money with Paid Social in 2018.’ The always actionable Mr. Weintraub will be delivering a series of techniques bloggers can immediately employ as hacks to lower their paid social acquisition costs and hyper-target on relevant audiences most of us don’t immediately see.

The main takeaway for bloggers is how to improve their paid social campaigns’ ROI.

So Much More

With this year’s lineup of twenty-two seasoned speakers featuring a combined digital marketing experience exceeding several hundred years and over a billion dollars in generated revenue, it is easy to see how Ungagged London has become a fixture of Tech Week, and in my estimation, a must-attend event.

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