Silverbullet Accelerates Network 10’s Monetisation Capabilities Through Trusted Partnership

Silverbullet helps accelerate the Australian commercial TV network’s data rollout to better serve its advertisers and audiences, while helping solidify its in-house capabilities

Part of ViacomCBS, Network 10 is one of Australia’s major commercial television networks. 10 Play is its broadcast video on demand (BVOD) platform and features shows such as the highly successful MasterChef Australia series and Bachelor franchise as well as exclusive content supporting 10’s shows.

10 Play’s audience continues to grow with the platform breaking audience records every year.

10 Play is available online via, a multitude of connected devices including Apple TV, Android TV, Telstra TV, Samsung TV, and consumer mobile and tablet devices.

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Customer story snapshot

Eighteen months ago, Network 10 made the decision to internalise and accelerate its data capabilities, investing in multiple new technologies and creating brand new departments and roles within the business.

This new in-house capability had the aim of monetising audiences while enhancing the user and advertiser experience.

In February 2020, Network 10 engaged Silverbullet to continue the progress the company was making in developing a world-class data offering.

Over this time, Network 10 achieved:

  • Monetisation of digital audiences grew from 20% to 85%
  • Implementation and optimisation of CDP, DMP and analytics technologies on seven platforms
  • Consistency in platform capability across all content viewing platforms
  • Support of the 10 Play App Replatforming Project, ensuring all data capabilities were implemented and optimally deployed across 10’s brand new App Development Platform

“We needed a partner we could deploy quickly to implement data related capabilities across our various apps. It had taken us more than a year to get some basic setup in place, so to see the speed and quality delivered by Silverbullet, getting us set up across seven platforms in a short period of time, was excellent. The confidence we have in our set up has really grown since working with Silverbullet.” – Josh Slighting, Head of Data & Digital Audience Network 10.

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The Challenge

Network 10 had 16 device variations on which audiences could engage with its digital content – and this list kept growing as new ways to watch TV entered the market. This led to Network 10 embarking on a re-platforming project which saw the business migrate its various apps onto a brand new application development platform – a single platform to manage all mobile and connected TV apps.

Because its internal team was quite new, Network 10 required specialist support to ensure strong data foundations were being laid throughout its 10 Play re-platforming project.

Silverbullet emerged as the right partner to guide its strategic implementations and optimise the overall investment in data-related capabilities.

“We had done a lot of work on our website and some of our Mobile and Connected TV applications using a hybrid of internal and agency skills. But with many of our platforms having been managed externally, and with the need to move quickly, we needed specialist skills. The market we operate in is highly competitive, and often our ability to win an ad campaign is reliant on our ability to service the data-related aspects of the brief. Without us being data-ready across the platforms our audiences are viewing content, monetisation of our audiences is significantly harder.” – Josh Slighting, Head of Data & Digital Audience Network 10.

The solution

Silverbullet audited the existing setup to uncover new efficiencies, working with partners like Adobe and Tealium to ensure collection methods and platform connectors were set up to do what is required.

Silverbullet was able to help Network 10 solve complex data questions quickly and simply, while surfacing issues they had not previously considered and developing a solid blueprint for data capabilities moving forward.

Ultimately, this accelerated Network 10’s data strategy across its digital platforms.

“I think in the space we’re in, we still can be quite indecisive because things are evolving so quickly; there isn’t a blueprint for what we are building. It’s complicated, so to have a partner we can trust, which provides clear and honest feedback and strategies, is invaluable to us.” – Josh Slighting, Head of Data & Digital Audience Network 10.

The results

Since engaging Silverbullet six months ago, Network 10’s ability to monetise its audiences has scaled from 20% to 85%.

Silverbullet has implemented and enabled data capabilities across five connected TV apps and two mobile apps, which covers 65% of 10’s digital audience, well beyond Silverbullet’s initial scope of two mobile and two CTV apps.

Network 10 is now well-placed to continue implementing a solid data foundation across its digital platforms.

“Silverbullet has helped us design and build the blueprint for our data-driven future, and we feel very confident in our setup after working so closely with them. It’s refreshing having a partner that is as ambitious as we are, working with us towards a collective goal.” – Josh Slighting, Head of Data & Digital Audience Network 10.

Cam Strachan, Silverbullet’s Data and Technology Specialist, said the partnership was the right fit for Network 10, because Silverbullet could help with strategic business goals, internal resourcing, as well as on the technology and data solutions side.

“We’re really excited as Network 10 grows, they have foundational capabilities now and are going to advance those capabilities. Over the next year we’ll see additional use cases built into the solution and we feel we’ve future-proofed the solution as Network 10 grows and changes,” Cam said.

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