SpotX and clypd Bridge Audiences between National Linear TV and OTT

Discovery and Fox Corporation Among the First Partners to Deploy New Data-Driven Cross-Platform Advertising Solution

SpotX, the leading global video advertising and monetization platform, together with clypd, the leading audience-based sales platform for television advertising, announced a plan to integrate their platforms and build products that focus on audience efficiencies and solve for the current state of media fragmentation across linear TV and over-the-top (OTT).

The collaboration allows for the unification of audience segment definitions across disparate channels, forecasting audience viewership, transactions, and reporting across linear TV and OTT. One key value of the solution is the ability to enable the extension of audience reach across both TV and OTT holistically within a campaign. This offering provides publishers with an end-to-end cross-platform ad sales solution to earn more revenue by tapping into the growing demand for cross-platform opportunities from traditional TV and digital budgets.

Discovery and Fox Corporation are among the first media owner partners planning to leverage the new data-driven solution to enable cross-platform ad sales. Additionally, MRI-Simmons will be a key data partner in helping to deliver a unified audience target across platforms, an essential aspect in the clypd/SpotX solution.

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“For any cross-platform solution to be successful, high-quality data needs to be a fundamental input to enable audience optimization and reporting,” said Joshua Pisano, SVP of Data Innovation at MRI-Simmons. “MRI-Simmons has been a data leader in audience insights for decades and we are excited to continue to be at the forefront of innovation, collaborating with clypd and SpotX to bring MRI targets to this industry-leading offering.”

“Media owners can now leverage our solution to offer advertisers the ability to maximize ad campaign efficiencies based on audience across media channels within a single platform,” said Matt McLeggon, Senior Director of Advanced TV Growth at SpotX. “Our approach focuses on audience fulfillment across content verticals, and represents a critical complement to existing methodologies that produce fragmentation by simply layering audience targeting on top of content-based decisioning. We are excited to be working with clypd to develop solutions that leverage the power of cross-platform ad serving to deliver enhanced campaign performance.”

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Nearly 73 percent of the American audience that regularly streams video has watched ad-supported OTT, and 45% report they regularly watch ad-supported video the most, according to the IAB. The growth of OTT viewership in the US serves as a unique opportunity for both media buyers and sellers as the lines between linear TV and OTT continue to blur.

“Leading media companies and marketers looking to converge their traditional television and digital video advertising efforts have been challenged by the disparities in the technical plumbing and differing business strategies of TV and OTT. Until now, they’ve lacked tools for holistically planning, executing and analyzing across both environments,” said Jason Burke, VP of Strategy at clypd. “The product roadmap from clypd and SpotX lays the groundwork to deliver a product suite powering cross-platform ad investments and driving measurable KPIs across the advertising industry.”

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