Vistar Deals Discovery Unveiled as the First Dedicated Storefront for DOOH Deals

Vistar Deal Discovery Offers the Marketplace a Powerful New Open Platform That Directly Connects Media Buyers and OOH Sellers

Vistar Media, a programmatic technology company for digital out-of-home (DOOH), announced the launch of the first global dedicated storefront for the private marketplace (PMP) deals in DOOH. Through the Vistar Deals Discovery storefront, buyers can now explore custom packages curated by the world’s largest out-of-home media owners through a universal access point.

Vistar Deals Discovery storefront allows out-of-home media owners to highlight custom offerings of their unique inventory directly to buyers.

Barry Frey, President and CEO, DPAA, said, “Out-of-home is fast becoming a digital medium for advertisers. This means not only the embrace of digital screens but high levels of automation, targeting, and measurement.”

Vistar_Deals Discovery_storefront

Barry added, “Innovations delivering programmatic means to access the full scope of digital out-of-home opportunities drive sophisticated and powerful ways to plan, transact and measure the medium for our advertising partners.”

“Vistar Media’s Deal Discovery PMP offers the marketplace a powerful new open platform that directly connects media buyers and OOH sellers,” said Nancy Fletcher, President and CEO of OAAA.

Nancy added, “Any time systems and processes are introduced that will simplify routine transactions, the industry wins. When we make it easier for brands and agencies to engage with our medium, together we succeed.”

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Programmatic Companies Would Gain A New Channel to Market Their Offerings to the World’s Largest Buyers

PMP deals allow programmatic marketers to combine the efficiency of automated buying with the ability to negotiate custom deals with publishers, tailored to their specific needs. The Deals Discovery storefront allows out-of-home media owners to highlight custom offerings of their unique inventory directly to buyers. Media owners maintain control and transparency while gaining a new channel to market their offerings to the world’s largest buyers.

Buyers can now seamlessly plan across all DOOH transactions, including open exchange, direct negotiated and storefront PMP deals. By accessing aggregated DOOH inventory through a single platform, buyers can apply universal targeting and measurement across all inventory. The new storefront offering helps buyers uncover the most relevant OOH networks and inventory for their audiences. There are currently 31 self-service buying groups leveraging the Vistar platform, including Adobe, Amobee, Amnet, Assembly, Ciceron, Digilant, Kepler Group, Publicis Media, RTBiQ, Trilia, and Varick.

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Vistar Deal Discovery PMP Tool Reduces Transactional Friction, Creating Operational Efficiencies for Programmatic Advertising Teams

“Automated, data-driven buying of digital out-of-home is poised to help advertisers reach consumers in new and creative ways that deepen personalization and storytelling without losing mass-scale or brand safety,” said Bryan Seltzer, Managing Director, US, Ad Cloud.

Bryan added, “We’re excited to collaborate with Vistar to make that possible via Adobe Advertising Cloud.”

“Simplifying the ad marketplace is at the core of programmatic’s promise,” says Garrett Dale, SVP of Kepler Group.

Garrett added, “Vistar’s Deal Discovery PMP tool does just that, reducing transactional friction, creating operational efficiencies for our team, while brands get customized media plans with delivery priority.”

Media owners can easily make custom inventory packages for discovery through the storefront or work directly with buyers to create bespoke PMP deals to suit their specific audience needs. Participating media owners include Adspace, Captivate Canada, Clear Channel Outdoor, Corner Media, GSTV, Lamar, Pursuant Health, Rouge Media, Topgolf®, TouchTunes, Vision Media/Cinema Scene and ZOOM Media. The growing list of suppliers also includes JCDecaux US, whose digital inventory will be accessible through deals via the VIOOH platform which will connect to Vistar’s demand-side platform (DSP).

Here are some media owner perspectives:

“We are thrilled to be pioneering another evolution for out-of-home. It’s long overdue to make the best inventory for brands available within the programmatic landscape,” said Greg Glenday, CEO of Adspace.

Greg added, “The ability to offer curated packages to a broad array of digital teams, as well as develop custom one-to-one PMP deals, makes it even easier for us to engage with buyers on their terms.”

“We are excited to participate in a storefront opportunity for the digital out-of-home industry,” said Barb Huggett, General Manager of Captivate Canada.

Barb added, “This platform will allow us to showcase Toronto specific offerings to buyers who may not be familiar with our programmatic capabilities, as well as create unique and turnkey packages tailored to their needs.”

“Clear Channel Outdoor is expanding our partnership with Vistar in an enhanced and highly-visible way through their new Deals Discovery storefront, making our roadside & airport media even easier to buy for advertisers activating through Vistar’s DSP,” said Wade Rifkin, SVP, Programmatic, CCO.

Wade added, “Buyers can now seamlessly select curated private marketplace deals that leverage our behavioral/demographic targeting, or even apply their own 1st or 3rd party data, all across our national footprint of 1250+ digital displays reaching over 90 million consumers every month.”

“Through Vistar’s new Discovery platform, digital buyers will have access to GSTV’s premium video inventory across our national network reaching 75 million adults in 200 DMAs while leveraging our advanced audience targeting capabilities,” said Dave Kovall, VP of Digital Partnerships. “

Dave added, Whether buyers want to work with us through prebuilt deals or a more customized transaction that matches precise targeting criteria, we look forward to delivering the transparency, flexibility, and convenience they expect from PMP deals.”

How New Tool Would Open up New Opportunities and Take Some of the Guesswork out of the Process for Busy Buyers

“Vistar’s new Deals Discovery storefront allows media owners to highlight key audiences, and get buyers thinking about our inventory in potentially new ways. We are of course always open to and encouraging of working directly with buyers on customized PMP deals, but this is a great way to open up new opportunities and take some of the guesswork out of the process for busy buyers, said Tom Link, Senior Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, ZOOM Media.

Currently, Vistar Media provides geospatial technology, bridging the space between advertising ecosystems, consumer movement patterns and purchasing behavior. Vistar also provides marketers with unprecedented access to consumers at the right place and right time, through a data agnostic system for analyzing consumer movement patterns and activating cross-screen mobile and out-of-home media.

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