New Brainshark Dashboards Give Managers Insights Into Sales Rep’s Readiness

Sales Managers and Leaders Can Track the Readiness and Progress of Their Teams from a Single, Action-Oriented View

Brainshark, Inc., delivering SaaS-based sales enablement and readiness solutions, unveiled Team Dashboards – giving sales managers a single view for tracking the readiness and progress of their teams. Powered by Brainshark’s sales-readiness analytics, this intuitive and action-oriented visual display delivers instant insights and data that show whether sales teams and individual reps are prepared for successful buyer conversations.

“‘Are our sales reps ready to engage with buyers?’ Unfortunately, at many companies, that question gets answered with a blank stare. But you don’t want to gamble with sales readiness. An unprepared rep who’s ‘practicing’ on a real buyer can negatively impact a brand’s reputation and cause deals to fall through. It’s critical to know who’s ready and how ready – which Brainshark’s new dashboards show you at a glance,” said Jim Ninivaggi, chief readiness officer, Brainshark.

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When sales managers and other sales leaders access Brainshark’s platform, the new Team Dashboard display enables them to:

  • Track progress across all learning and coaching activities for the team(s) under their purview (e.g. East, West, etc.)
  • Compare readiness across multiple teams they oversee – noting, for example, top-performing teams and individuals for the learning activities
  • Access a summary view – showing completion statistics and average scores for all the assigned learning, coaching and self-enrolled activities for their team(s)
  • Click for individual-level views – drilling down into each rep’s readiness with baseball-card-like summaries
  • Easily export the data to create and share reports

This visual display for sales managers comes on the heels of Brainshark’s new Training Progress Tracker for sales reps, launched earlier this year. The tracker makes it easy for reps to view all learning activity due dates and next steps from a single visual display – so they can see where their learning journey is taking them and reach that destination.

“Brainshark is committed to helping sales organizations be more prepared and drive better results. By enabling reps to easily access and execute on their readiness paths – and managers to track the progress of their teams – we help companies achieve perpetual sales readiness and close more deals,” Ninivaggi said.

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