Fuze Broadens Network Connectivity to Enhance Enterprise UCaaS Deployments

New options enable secure, reliable, and high-quality connectivity with the Fuze network

Fuze, the leading cloud-based communications provider for the modern global enterprise, announced an expanded portfolio of network connectivity options. These new offerings provide more flexibility for customers connecting to Fuze’s global architecture by leveraging customizable solutions based on their organizational requirements and existing network infrastructure. This flexibility also extends to voice carrier connectivity with Fuze’s new Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) service, which allows customers to leverage existing carrier relationships when necessary.

“We are committed to providing our customers with superior quality of service that meets each enterprise’s specific requirements, regardless of existing carrier relationships or how complex its network environment may be,” said Rob Scudiere, president and COO at Fuze. “Our new connectivity offerings empower our enterprise customers, through a variety of flexible solutions, including private network hosting—a unique solution in the UCaaS industry that enables enterprises to extend their network’s edge to Fuze’s global data centers.”

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Fuze’s newest connectivity options include the following.

SD-WAN Certification

Fuze has certified four SD-WAN providers, including Aryaka, Cato Networks, Silver Peak, and 128 Technology, to ensure the highest quality connectivity to the Fuze network. By certifying these partners, Fuze customers benefit from the advantages of SD-WAN—reduced costs, increased agility, and enhanced support for cloud-based applications—all while ensuring the network is properly configured for a successful UCaaS deployment. Fuze will work with customers to determine the best SD-WAN solution for their business or quickly certify and onboard new partners for customers with alternate SD-WAN solutions.

Private Network Hosting

For mission critical deployments, the network edge should extend as close to the application as possible. Fuze private network hosting allows enterprises to deploy Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and network services directly in Fuze data centers, extending the customer’s network edge to Fuze’s, with no third party in between. It also provides an alternative for SD-WAN deployments by allowing customers to host appliances in Fuze data centers, eliminating the distance between a customer’s SD-WAN network and Fuze. Fuze’s private network hosting enables enterprises to transition seamlessly to Fuze, while maintaining their own private network for flexibility and superior performance.

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Peering & SDN Interconnections

Fuze offers a large variety of public, private, and dedicated peering opportunities across the globe. For private peerings, Fuze participates on the Equinix ECX and EpsilonTel Infiny SDN fabrics, allowing customers to connect on-demand to Fuze from over 40 co-location facilities spanning all regions. For public peerings, Fuze participates in 10 of the largest Internet Exchanges (IX) in the world. Customers already managing their own presence at an enterprise co-location facility can peer with Fuze’s edge within the building or campus. Customers looking for dedicated peering can deliver cross-connects in Fuze’s facilities.

Fuze Bring Your Own Carrier

With Fuze’s Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) solution, enterprise customers can maintain existing carrier relationships and contracts, whether they wish to utilize their carrier for all voice services or a hybrid approach that combines their carrier and the Fuze Global Calling Network. From redirecting existing session border controllers (SBCs) from different locations to Fuze’s points of presence, to bridging directly with carriers in the cloud, Fuze supports a model that fits each customer’s unique requirements.

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