Revenue Grid Is First to Market With a Complete Set of Guided Selling Capabilities as Predicted by Forrester and Gartner

Revenue Grid unveils an innovative, seller-centric Guided Selling platform set to revolutionize B2B sales with step-by-step AI guidance for sellers ahead of the US market

Revenue Grid is the first-to-market with the most comprehensive set of algorithmic Guided Selling capabilities ever in the Sales technology space as it successfully seeks to define the emerging category. The capabilities have pulled ahead of competition on a pure code basis pound for pound. Legacy companies are struggling to acquihire and code fast enough but adoption has been slow because the solutions typically have gaps.

In contrast, Revenue Grid’s technology is realizing the full promise of both Gartner and Forrester analyst predictions that posit Guided Selling is the breakthrough for sales teams in the 2020s but has so far been attempted piecemeal by very few point solutions or via acquisitions from legacy vendors like Outreach and SaleLoft. This is history making for tech because it’s the deepest Guided Selling tech stack ever built in both breadth and depth of feature sets bar none.

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Revenue Grid fully digitizes sales organization alignment with the help of AI across the entire sellers and manager funnel from sales engagement to conversational intelligence to coaching. It auto-captures all sales-related data from a multitude of sources where communication and interaction with prospects and customers take place. It then maps the data to deals, prospects, accounts, etc. to give sales leaders an unprecedented level of visibility into their team’s activity, sales process and pipeline health.

And this where Guided Selling comes into play – Revenue Grid enables sales teams to make use of that accumulated and analyzed data and take action based on it. Together with AI, Sales Leaders are now able to implement a set of dynamic, contextual notifications called Revenue Signals. “Signals” is revolutionary because like what Einstein did for CRM it does for the emerging sales stack tying all the systems together with dynamic alerts and guide paths for revenue leaders. The next gen AI-powered system recommends the next best action to move the deal forward based on winning practices, historical data, and AI-detected correlations between activity and success. Human-centric and intelligent, Revenue Signals fully adapt to the sales org’s approach, selling style, and goals of every team member.

“Guided Selling is the future of sales, and it has proven itself in action already. One of our customers, a tech company, has seen a 21% increase in sales velocity in just one quarter,” commented company co-founder and CEO Vlad Voskresensky. “In the new market reality, sales leaders are concerned with the level of misalignment in their B2B sales orgs. The deeper you go, the greater the inconsistencies are. Revenue Grid’s Guided selling functionality has been created to align sales orgs, and make it easy for them to achieve their goals, be it setting a consistent sales approach, making sure the process works, or reaching quota. This is what we now present to the world.”

For sales organizations, this means a new era of selling. Guided Selling allows sales reps to proactively push deals forward through the sales cycle, empowering them to focus their efforts on the steps and tactics with the greatest impact. Sales Ops gain an extraordinary level of controllability of the sales process and are able to automate playbooks and repeatable routines. Sales leaders gain an ability to align the team around a unified goal in a scalable way. Radically improved coaching capabilities means reps ramp 42% faster.

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This is how a misaligned sales org with long sales cycles can turn into an agile coordinated engine that takes action and drives deals forward at a far greater velocity.

Research shows sellers are actually selling only 34% of the time. The Revenue Grid platform eliminates admin and reduces the cognitive load of context switching freeing up 10 hours of time per week per rep and unlocking orders of magnitude more human to human selling time.

While there is no holy grail, Revenue Grid is the closest in the history of technology to execute on the full vision of Guided Selling’s promise even before the US market gets up to speed in an environment where slower moving late stage ventures can’t innovate their product roadmap fast or deep enough because there’s so much pressure on sales growth vs. pure engineering innovation to satisfy rabid VC dollars demanding 20-40% YOY hockeystick growth of seat licenses and exit to the Marketing Clouds.

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