The Arsenal of the Twenty-First Century CMO( Infographic)

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Today’s CMO is in no position to be conventional. Enterprises work with CMO’s to solve complex problems that modern enterprises face. The challenges that occur in real-time need to be solved quickly and efficiently.

A CMO today, needs to look at various aspects that branch out of the core of marketing. As online marketing becomes extremely critical in the digital age, a CMO’s responsibilities are only growing. What makes a good CMO is the ability to understand how business elements are interconnected. Changes made to an enterprise’s fabric should not affect other core elements that structure the business.

As the wave of consumer expectations grows stronger, marketing strategies need to simply hit the consumer’s nerve. Strategies need to be backed up by robust products that add value to a customer’s life. Advertising needs to be directed towards target audiences. Digital customers today are mostly complaining about being forced to watch advertisements for a product that they do not need. As competition grows harder, brand value has to be upheld. Businesses will only sustain if their customers support it and are loyal to it.

Businesses also heavily depend on CMO’s for its revenue aspect. CMO’s need to ensure that business actions being taken increase ROI. Hence, with challenges from all directions how does a modern-day CMO champion his or her job role?

As industries propagate their strategies on digital mediums and absorb futuristic technologies, a CMO needs to follow suit. Being updated with the latest technologies, knowing competitor strategies and working as per business goals are standard CMO capabilities. However, applying these in conjunction with emerging business trends is key for any CMO.

But since business expectations mount, the CMO role is no cake-walk. Here, we have candidly represented a certain number of qualities that will help CMO’s master their job roles.


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