Vanig International Launches World’s First Integrated E-Commerce And Supply Chain Ecosystem Powered By Blockchain

Vanig Addresses Several Significant Supply Chain and E-Commerce Challenges and Inefficiencies, Providing a Higher Level of Brand Experience

Vanig International, Announced the Launch of Its Integrated E-Commerce and Supply Chain Ecosystem

E-Commerce is projected to triple by 2030, while the gross total value of B2B E-Commerce topped $20 trillion in 2017. Vanig is addressing this sizable marketplace with outreach to emerging and established economies.

Key features of Vanig

  • Vanig is the world’s first integrated E-Commerce platform and Supply Chain ecosystem powered by the blockchain.
  • Vanig addresses several significant Supply Chain and E-Commerce challenges and inefficiencies, providing a higher level of brand experience.
  • Vanig’s Supply Chain ecosystem leverages the latest in blockchain, HyperLedger’s Sawtooth technology.
  • Vanig simplifies the E-Commerce experience and its embedded Supply Chain, eliminating intermediaries and manual processes as it ushers in a new level of transparency.
  • The Vanig platform is safe, secure, and user-friendly, benefiting all members of the ecosystem and embraces cryptocurrency payments.
  • It shortens recall process and timelines for manufacturers and retailers, providing real-time product visibility through to the consumer.
  • Provenance information on products, increasingly an essential consumer ask, is fully integrated.
  • Vanig MVP is getting ready and the team is very excited to share it with the world.

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Key Advisors that are onboard Vanig

  • David Drake, founder of LDJ Capital with $1.5 trillion of assets under management. David will assist Vanig with investor outreach, token sale, and business development.
  • Paddy Tan, a key advisor to Storiqa and other successful ICOs, has a great deal of experience advising companies from planning to funding and execution in Asia.
  • Don Quartiere, the key leader in formulating strategic plans for Kuehne-Nagel, will guide Vanig on Supply Chain and Blockchain Technology.
Dan Ramirez

Dan Ramirez, CEO of Vanig stated, “We have assembled a global team of experts in E-Commerce, Supply Chain and Blockchain to work on this ambitious project. We are in Private sale period and are kicking off the token generation activity this week with an AirDrop providing over 4 Million tokens to the community. Our main token sale will be live from May 2018.”

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