All New Social VR Platform “Many Worlds VR” Announced With trailer!

Many Worlds VR is an immersive social virtual reality experience in an expanding multiverse of bespoke worlds. Players create their avatars, meet new people, play mini-games, build a home and explore unique experiences in each world.

In development for two years, Many Worlds VR is an ambitious passion project created by husband and wife indie developers – Mike and Yan. Many Worlds VR’s goals are growing a strong, fun and vibrant online community.

Players create full-body avatars in their virtual wardrobe using a flexible selection of body shapes, clothes, hair, accessories and infinite colour variations. Players portal back to their wardrobe and customise further with new items they discover on their adventures.

Every world design is an open space that entices you to venture out and explore. From a desert canyon filled with airships to a 4-seater drone landing on an island basketball court atop luxury cliff houses. From lakes filled with exotic fish amongst Chinese pagodas and stone walkways to grassy hilltop waterfalls where players are busy building and furnishing their farms.

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With Many Worlds VR, I wanted to create a magical alternate life you can escape to, relax, have fun and meet new people easily. I want the experience to have a strong, positive impact on people that stays with them when they leave. – Yan Fu (Co-Founder)

Mini-games found throughout the different worlds include chess, basketball, axe throwing, canons, archery, paintball, sword-fighting, fishing tournaments, farming and more. New games and experiences will continue to emerge as the worlds grow.

Yan has been the creative lead as the environment artist, world builder and prop maker – crafting each of the 3D assets throughout the experience. Mike created the unique player Avatars and handled the coding of the underlying game mechanics and servers.

More to come?

The developers plan to keep expanding the project and are working on all new worlds with unique mini-games. The developers are also working on Many Worlds Pro, which supports professional features for live performances, events, business meetings, collaboration and presentations.

Supported platforms

Many Worlds VR requires PC VR but will also support conventional desktop PC and Mac users who are more comfortable with a mouse and keyboard.

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