Avid Outlines Official Product Support and Self-Help Resources to Help Users Avoid Imposter Activity on Twitter

Avid issued a reminder for all customers around the world about every means by which they may easily obtain product support and self-help 24×7 through official Avid channels. In response to the emergence of illegitimate Twitter accounts impersonating many companies and other entities, Avid has provided this information proactively in order to assist those users who may typically rely upon Twitter to engage Avid’s support team.

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  • Join and participate in Avid’s online global user communities:
    • Avid Pro Audio Community
    • Avid Pro Video Community
    • Avid Sibelius Forum
  • Engage through the Avid Link desktop app:
    • Avid Link is automatically installed with Pro Tools, Sibelius and Media Composer, and the free Avid Link mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
    • Once signed in with an Avid Master Account, a user can click on Avid Link’s Lounges tab for answers to questions from Avid moderators and the Communities Team.
  • Follow Avid’s topically focused social media accounts for replies and updates from the customer support team including:
    • Facebook – Pro Tools, Media Composer, Sibelius, MediaCentral
    • LinkedIn – Avid Pro Tools, Avid Media Composer, Avid Sibelius, Avid MediaCentral
    • Instagram – avid.protools, avid.mediacomposer, avid.sibelius, avid.mediacentral
    • TikTok – avid.protools, avid.mediacomposer, avid.sibelius, avid.mediacentral

Until Twitter can effectively limit the presence of illegitimate accounts across its platform, Avid recommends that all customers should refrain from relying upon Twitter to connect with Avid for any support needs.

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