IMGN Media Raises Total of $6 Million in Capital

Media Company with Popular Social Entertainment Brands Expands To Reach New Audiences and Blend Content with Data

IMGN Media announced that it has raised an additional $3 million in Series A financing, bringing the growing company’s total to $6 million. The new round comes from Dot Capital, Rhodium, talent agency UTA, KDC Media Fund (joint venture of Keshet and Dick Clark Productions), Big Block Media, Ron Zuckerman and more. IMGN plans to use the new funding to expand the editorial team, produce original content, expand to additional social platforms, increase brand partnerships and make a continued investment in Viral Lab, IMGN’s proprietary social data platform.

This Series A raise reflects the growing demand for social content from ‘always on’ next-gen audiences. IMGN builds and manages content brands across social platforms with highly engaged social audiences using relatable content formats such as memes, fictional characters, unique data and millennial content editors who speak the target audience’s language that makes them meaningful to brands.

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What started as two years ago has evolved into a full-fledged media company developing original and branded content across the leading social platforms. IMGN’s most popular brand, DAQUAN, has become a cult favorite on Instagram, delivering memes on internet culture that resonate with fans and celebrities alike to the tune of 11.1 million followers.

IMGN continues to grow with the introduction of the comedic soccer brand SOCCERMEMES and the teenage girls-centric JOURNAL on Instagram. Soccer is hugely popular around the world and is taken very seriously by its fans so IMGN wanted to have a little fun with it by bringing humor and the meme language to the vertical. And with college-age girls serving as major drivers of the cultural conversation, JOURNAL’s focus is on content around topics and trends that matter to them, from fashion and design to issues and school.

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The company works with advertisers to bring them to the center of internet culture across their suite of brands. IMGN has successfully collaborated with leading companies such as Netflix, Burger King, MTV, Electronic Arts and Microsoft. The branded meme content created by IMGN sparks conversations around the featured brand and drives massive engagement while remaining authentic and transparent to the audience.

Barak Shragai
Barak Shragai

Barak Shragai, IMGN Media CEO, stated: “Social is not just a platform anymore, it’s culture. From day one, our goal has been to master the programming of entertainment content that drives the cultural conversation on social. IMGN is building a suite of content brands to feed the voracious demand for social content around relevant topics that matter to a variety of audiences.”

IMGN Media is a technology-driven media company building the most relevant content brands with highly engaged audiences across the leading social platforms. IMGN is widely known for operating DAQUAN, the most engaging urban comedy and pop culture brand on social, and for creating Viral Lab, a proprietary in-house technology to track and scale content curation, channel management and audience growth.

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