PubNative HyBid is The First Hybrid Server-Side Exchange Bidding for Parallel Auction

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PubNative HyBid Delivered 35 Percent Performance Uplift over the Top Monetization Solutions on the Market

PubNative, a leading mobile monetization platform, announced the launch of HyBid. PubNative HyBid is a unique solution that gives app developers more control over ad decisioning to allow multiple buyers to compete simultaneously in a unified auction, maximizing revenue. By leveraging Server-Side Exchange Bidding and In-App Pre-Bidding technologies, publishers can now segment valuable impressions to the most competitive buyers and achieve 35 percent performance uplift over the top monetization solutions on the market.

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At the time of this announcement, Ionut Ciobotaru, Chief Executive Officer of PubNative, said, “PubNative’s hybrid solution is a necessary shift to a more level playing field where buyers no longer bid in the dark, competing on 100 percent of the impression opportunities available and only bidding if it matches their desired audience.”

HyBid eliminates the inefficiencies and historic pricing method associated with the traditional waterfall process by allowing publishers to conduct a parallel auction, receiving bids in real time before the server makes an ad call. This new process promises to offer more transparency and efficiency by creating a more competitive auction, which increases inventory for buyers and maximizes yields for publishers. The solution also allows publishers to monetize multiple creative formats simultaneously.

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PubNative’s technology performs cross-format optimization among native, standard and video formats to provide the highest possible yield for the publisher.

“Together with PubNative, we are able to efficiently buy audiences across dozens of fully transparent apps,” says Rubicon Project’s Vice President of North America Sales, Mike Chevalier.

Mike added, “Through our collaboration, we have further refined our focus on delivering engaging, interactive, advertising experiences to relevant users without any format restrictions.”

eMarketer reports that among the internet’s most popular 1,000 sites that sell programmatic ads, more than 20 percent used both server-side and browser-side header bidding to sell their inventory in February 2018.

Coupled with the time spent in-app surpassing that of desktop, the hybrid technology is evolving to address app marketers’ need for a more unified programmatic experience. With growing concerns over ad fraud, brand safety and the lack of transparency in digital advertising, advertisers and publishers need a more transparent bidding process.

Ionut added, “The technology also helps publishers understand the value of their inventory and deliver high-quality content experiences for their users. HyBid is a crucial step toward democratizing the advertising technology industry by opening up media access to all potential buyers instead of a preferred few. I’m confident that the improved transparency will encourage more brand advertisers to invest in mobile, which in turn will push more revenue through the entire ecosystem. It’s truly a win-win for everyone.”

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“As the first-ever freemium wireless service, TextNow depends on delivering high-quality advertising to our millions of users,” said Chas Castell, Vice President of Revenue Operations, TextNow.

Chas added, “Just a couple of weeks after using PubNative’s HyBid solution, we have seen a healthy lift in our revenue.”

Previously, this level of optimization was only available to early innovators; PubNative’s solution diminishes barriers to entry for mobile publishers who require a mixed approach to sell their inventory programmatically. Current clients include TextNow, Rubicon Project, Ipnos Software, MobiMagic, and OpenX, to name a few.

PubNative is a mobile monetization platform that enables app publishers to execute and enhance their revenue strategy through flexible ad units. With its proprietary cross-format optimization technology and mobile header bidding solution, PubNative enables mobile publishers to maximize their Programmatic Advertising revenue. The company is headquartered in Berlin with offices in San Francisco, Seoul, and Beijing.

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