Tagger Media Launches Influencer Marketing Certification Program

Tagger Media, a leading influencer marketing platform and social listening tool that guides brands and agencies in influencer discovery, campaign management and measurement, announced their new certification program aimed at helping marketers get the most out of their influencer programs, at scale.

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“Best Influencer Marketing Company 2020 & 2019, shortlisted for “Best Influencer Marketing Platform”

The Tagger Certification program will provide users with comprehensive trainings on how to properly use Tagger’s end-to-end platform to activate and scale influencer initiatives in an informed and effective way. The program includes step-by-step platform instruction, videos, and thought leadership aimed at demystifying the influencer marketing industry.

“At Tagger, we consider our customers to be strategic partners and invest in their platform education for the long term,” said Bianca Ker, Tagger’s Head of Customer Success. “The relationship between Tagger and our clients isn’t just transactional, it’s a true partnership. We believe in giving our users the tools they need to succeed and scale their influencer programs long after they become Tagger clients.”

Beyond providing a best in class product, Tagger frequently invests in providing thought leadership on the industry at large. Diogo Felippelli, Tagger’s CMO said, “Influencer Marketing is a mature, multi-billion dollar space. Every agency or brand, whether they’re SMB or Enterprise, needs to know how to properly build a comprehensive strategy to effectively search for and activate influencers. The Tagger Certification course gives people the exact roadmap to do that, at scale.”

Tagger’s Certification Program is now officially available to all Tagger clients, giving users a standardized baseline of influencer marketing knowledge and enabling them to immediately implement learnings in their current and future roles.

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