Triller Launches Crosshype, A First Of Its Kind Brand Growth Program Combining A CPM Model

Triller, the only app to ever hit number 1 in 50 countries simultaneously and one of the fastest-growing apps in the world, has developed an innovative marketing media product which it believes will forever change the way brands buy marketing, only available on Triller. Dubbed Crosshype, the product allows influencer marketing to be bought with guaranteed views and a calculable CPM. Never before has an app been able to guarantee views on their platform while also allowing influencers to post across multiple other platforms, transforming the way influence can be purchased and planned.

This first-to-market “Crosshype” platform allows influencers to offer a complete and predictable media solution for brands of all sizes. Influencer agencies can now offer their brand partners a complete media solution and media agencies can now purchase influence just like they would purchase any other piece of media. Triller’s ability to guarantee views allows influencers to post across multiple platforms, and the effective CPM will be lower than any other influencer purchase to date. Brands can now shift their dollars to influencer and organic brand integrations that drive higher conversions and growth with the predictability they deserve.

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Over 100 top TikTok influencers have moved to Triller, which most recently includes the D’Amelio family, Josh Richards, and many others. Crosshype opens an entire new world for influencers as it provides them with wide-ranging business opportunities and allows them to connect with brands on long term deals.

“We are the only platform to offer guaranteed influencer media- in fact, we are creating the category because our ethos remains focused on helping creators monetize their creativity while sharing content with their fans,” said Ryan Kavanaugh, Triller Co-Owner. “We are on track to be the number one platform for influencers, with the world’s top influencers already part of our roster, and have developed this platform to help revolutionize their offerings as they enter into long-term category brand exclusives that align with their image, similar to how shoe deals work with athletes.”

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“With millions of dollars going into influencer marketing, the industry deserves to have a platform that allows them to continually shift dollars from all aspects of the marketing plan including media,” said Bonin Bough, Chief Growth Officer of Triller. “Influencers and creators are our lifeblood and we want to make sure more brands can participate at a greater scale with these authentic creators.” Bonin, prior to taking the CMO role at Triller, was the CMO of Mondelez, a Fortune 50 company, and is credited with creating numerous innovative creative marketing platforms, including first of their kind deals with Facebook, Instagram, and many others.

Triller has already made deals with over twenty-five of the most recognized companies and has started rolling out campaigns.

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