Martech Fortnight: Enterprises Explore Advanced Marketing Analytics Tools; Increase Their Marketing Budgets Just to Build Great Products and More

Top Picks from Martech Series’ Original Insights from the Last Fortnight

Seven Email Marketing Automation Features You Should Consider to Drive Better Results

We talk about the agility of email marketing and the best practices to amplify an email marketing campaign. There are seven surefire ways that organizations can follow blindly in order to succeed in email marketing. Some great information about why email marketing is a capable tool to capture new customers.

Insights on Social Media Marketing: Scoop the Best for B2B Marketing

We discuss new ideas about catering to customers via Social Media. Customer experience is a game-changer for most enterprises today. The industry is setting higher standards for their consumers every day. In between this pandemonium, Social Media can be leveraged to keep consumers really happy. Find out how!

Five Strategies to Boost Donor Retention Using Email Marketing

We added another dimension to our previous email marketing novella by talking about donor retention. A donor retention strategy in place will help you with sustainable funding and improves the overall work performance results. Find out how email marketing and Donor Retention are interrelated.

How Google is Transforming Audience Analytics Market

Marketing strategies do not become a slugfest if you know the buying preferences of your target audience. This is a quick reference guide for marketers who are looking to explore Google’s audience analytics capabilities.

Exploring the Role of Choozle Universal Data Catalog in Digital Advertising

Read about how Choozle is simplifying the complex mesh of finding a target audience for digital advertising. We speak with Jeffrey Finch, CPO & Co-Founder, Choozle and try to find out his take on how he intends to change the current advertising scenario.

New True Reach Metric Finally Gives Marketers Influencer Campaign Measurement Equivalent to Other Media Types

Read about Buzzoole, the leading influencer marketing platform, and service in Europe announcing the launch of Buzzoole True Reach. Buzzoole becomes the first influencer platform to provide information on the true reach of influencers’ posts thanks to its collaboration with Nielsen, the market-leading global measurement company.

Social Proof Messaging Gets Personal as N Brown Segments Product Messages by Audience Type with Monetate and Taggstar

We discuss Taggstar’s social proof software pulling crowd-sourced real-time data about product popularity and other trends derived from N Brown customers’ browsing history. The messages include the number of people viewing an item, product reviews and ratings, top-trending items and product scarcity.

VTEX Named in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce Report

We cover, VTEX, provider of the True Cloud Commerce platform, announcing that it has been positioned for the second consecutive year in the June 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce. The company is included among the vendors in the global digital commerce segment.

2018 Content Marketing Awards Winners & Top Finalists Revealed

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) just announced the 92 category winners as well as the finalists for the top four prizes in the prestigious 2018 Content Marketing Awards. The Content Marketing Awards, produced by Content Marketing Institute, is the largest and longest-running international content marketing awards program in the world.

Harness the Full Power of Video Marketing through Analytics

Our staff writers talk at length about new developments happening in the world of Video Marketing. Must read to grasp very interesting insights on the how and what of Video Marketing.

It’s a wrap from our end this fortnight! We will be back with more news soon!

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