Early Adopters of LinkedIn Video Advertising Are Highlighted by Animoto

From Recruiting to Thought Leadership to Local Advertising, Early Adopters Are Seeing the Benefits of Advertising with Video on the World’s Largest B2B Social Network

Animoto, the company that makes it easy for anyone to create professional marketing videos, announced today that they are seeing an uptick in customers finding success with video on LindkedIn and shared some examples. In March 2018, LinkedIn followed the trend started by the other major social networks like Facebook and Instagram by expanding its video functionality. Among the new features rolled out by LinkedIn this year are video advertising and the ability to upload videos natively to company pages. Animoto has detailed some examples of the different ways businesses are using video advertising to succeed on the platform.

Lever Finding Video Ad Success with Recruiting Efforts

Deniz Gültekin
Deniz Gültekin

Recruiting software company, Lever, is in the midst of doubling the size of their team this year. Since his company is located in San Francisco’s highly competitive tech landscape, Lever’s Talent Brand leader, Deniz Gültekin, knows that “Companies need to get creative and go beyond posting a position and waiting for the right people to come to them.” To that end, Lever ran a campaign in May 2018 with a video. Just weeks earlier, they had run a static image ad campaign with the same targeting. The video got double the click-through rate that the static image ad did.

“As a company in the recruiting space, we want to be an example for our customers about how they can attract and recruit the best talent out there by highlighting their employer brand. A big untapped opportunity for us is video. There’s no better way to show, rather than tell, potential candidates and customers what Lever is all about and what working here is like. Video can be intimidating; it seems out of reach for smaller teams without big budgets or expert videographers on staff. It’s been incredible to have the tools to create video content as we grow the company and look for new ways to tell our story and get our entire team involved to engage potential candidates,” said Gültekin.

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Brothers Commercial Brokerage Expanding Video Success Beyond Facebook

Real estate brokerage company Brothers Commercial Brokerage in Red Bank, NJ wanted to take the video marketing success that they have been enjoying on Facebook to LinkedIn. They were able to repurpose a square video that they had created for Facebook’s mobile-centric News Feed and re-edit the ad in minutes to LinkedIn’s 16:9 video ad format. While LinkedIn does allow for square video uploads, currently videos that have advertising spend against them must be a 16:9 format. The brokerage company plans to evolve their presence on LinkedIn to be educational and inspirational, much like their Facebook video efforts are.

Animoto Sharing Video Expertise with DIY Marketers

Lastly, Animoto shared an example of their own experience with video advertising on LinkedIn. The sponsored video content targeted DIY marketers who might want to learn how to use video on LinkedIn.

“LinkedIn is an important platform for Animoto on both the recruiting and thought leadership fronts. We are very excited to make video marketing a core competency amongst marketers and business owners. Being able to share videos on LinkedIn that educate marketers and inspire them to share their brand’s story is going to open up a whole new platform for us to teach video marketing best practices,” said Jason Hsiao, co-founder and Chief Video Officer of Animoto.

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