5 Ways to Boost your Twitter Marketing Strategy

Nowadays, Twitter has become a powerful place for people to share their thoughts and opinions. With more than 321 million monthly active users, it has become a major customer-targeting platform for marketers. Whether you are a global CMO or a local retail marketer, you are most likely to work with Twitter to promote your brand. In the last 10 years, Twitter has grown its presence into the B2B commerce market through practices relevant to Sales and Advertising. One of the most popular social media practices that we have come across is – “Social Selling.

Like how you do for other social media platforms, (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) you need to create and execute a strategic marketing plan to stand out from the crowd and lead digital platforms. Yet, Twitter Marketing is different. Furthermore, Twitter can influence the buying decision of your consumer and is extremely capable of creating a great marketing impact through a 280-characters blurb called a tweet.

Here are some of the most useful tips to boost your Twitter Marketing strategy:

Find Your Voice on Twitter

Brands should be authentic and true to their voice. It is simple to jump on the latest trends to appeal to the audience on Twitter. However, you should not use this at the cost of losing your brand’s voice. While your presence on Twitter can be livelier and more easygoing than LinkedIn or Facebook, it should, in any case, be true and steady with your brand voice at the end.

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Use Twitter Ads

Twitter advertisements can assist you in getting your message to the users who are keen on your products or services, and your brand. The ad engagement increased to 69 percent in the course of the last year, with a 28 percent drop in cost per promotion engagement. With the use of Twitter ads, all the users can interact with promoted Tweets in the same way as they interact with organic content. The best part? When you promote your tweets on Twitter, you only need to pay when your Marketing objective is accomplished.

Know the Right Time to Tweet

According to the Marketing experts, the best time to post for the most engagement is Wednesday at 9 AM. and Friday at AM. Apart from that, Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to post for maximum impressions. Also, the worst day to post is on Saturday as there are limited users accessing the platform. For maximum and continuous engagement, it’s recommended to schedule your posts for Monday through Friday from 8 AM –4 AM.

Don’t Miss the Trending Hashtag

To achieve the advertising objectives and to connect with the followers, it is ideal to utilize the hashtags that hold the interest of the current followers and acquire new followers as well. When the tweet is posted with a right hashtag, it creates interest among the Twitter users, and in only a few seconds, the message reaches millions who then become active salesforce to promote your products and services through retweets or new tweets alongside their remarks, input or suppositions. Hashtags create eagerness for the brand and connect potential clients.

Participate in Conversation to Increase Followers

To engage with potential customers it is important to be a part of a trending discussion. Be active in the conversations and also encourage others to be a part of it. When trying to be a part of any Twitter community it is better to mention a Twitterati in the discussion. To do so simply include ‘@’ before their Twitter account name and the notification is sent to the concerned account holder.

Twitter Marketing is not limited to the count of followers but instead is on impressions. Using the above-mentioned tips, we hope that now you will be able to boost your current twitter marketing strategy.

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