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iClimber Announces New Instagram Marketing Services

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iClimber, Leading Social Media Marketing Company, Is Announcing a New Service for Instagram Marketing That Will Help Increase Followers and Likes Naturally.

iClimber, a leading social media marketing company, is announcing a new service for Instagram marketing that will help increase followers and likes naturally.

Instagram recently announced that it no longer will display their feeds based on the most recent posts, but rather based on what they think the user is interested in. They use various factors to decide this, including previous interactions with other user accounts, your browsing and liking activity. However, another is the number of likes or comments another post has received within the accounts you are following.

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Pierre Zarokian
Pierre Zarokian

“With our new Instagram marketing services, we offer content creation, including graphical content that would generate many likes and clicks,” says Pierre Zarokian, CEO of iClimber. “Creative content is the first step to getting many likes. However, if you do not have many followers, then getting many likes will be tough. So the second service we offer is to generate new followers. iClimber uses proprietary techniques to target users that may be most interested in our client’s services and products.”

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The company also specializes in other social media marketing such as Twitter and  Facebook, video and content marketing. The site offers social profile creation and management, copywriting services, and promotional contest design.

iClimber is a division of Submit Express, which has been a leader in search marketing since 1998. The company specializes in social media marketing and content writing services. Zarokian also writes for Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Watch publications.

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