Alethea Closes $10M Series A Financing Led by Ballistic Ventures

 Investment to Advance Efforts to Detect and Mitigate Disinformation

Alethea, a technology company that detects and mitigates disinformation, misinformation, and social media manipulation, raised $10 million Series A, led by Ted Schlein and Kevin Mandia of Ballistic Ventures.

Proceeds will be invested into Alethea’s machine learning SaaS platform, Artemis (in closed beta), by growing its engineering and data science teams. Currently in use by household name brands, Artemis conducts multichannel analysis across billions of datapoints to identify disinformation and social media manipulation at its start. As a result, communicators and risk and intelligence teams have the insights they need to protect their brands, bottom lines, and market cap.

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“Disinformation is the next iteration of information security, and communicators and risk professionals are on the front lines of protecting their organizations from the information that exists outside their systems,” said Lisa Kaplan, Founder and CEO of Alethea. “We’ve earned our record of alerting customers to the unknown unknowns to help avoid crises. Our incident response capabilities during high-stress periods, such as short-seller attacks, protects our customers. To provide this protection at scale, we created the system that didn’t exist – Artemis – to provide tailored insights into the disinformation, misinformation, and social media manipulation ecosystem.”

“We have found the right partners with Ted, Kevin, and the Ballistic network to deliver this capability at scale. With the ability to operate in free economies and democracies at stake, we look forward to rapidly scaling our support to customers as they navigate the new digital reality,” continued Kaplan.

“Alethea is on the cutting edge of the fight against misinformation, one of the biggest threats to our modern society,” said Ted Schlein, Chairman and General Partner of Ballistic Ventures. “We invested in the company because we believe Alethea’s proven technology is critical to helping corporations promote access to accurate information and a more secure world.”

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