Decentralized Innovation Company Capsule Social Introduces Web3 Journalism with the Launch of Blogchain

The First-of-Its Kind Publishing Platform Enables Creators and Journalists to Distribute, and Monetize Content Via The Power Of Blockchain Technology

Capsule Social, the company pioneering tools for a decentralized future, announces the launch of its first product, Blogchain, a first-of-its-kind web3 publishing platform designed to innovate journalism and social media via blockchain. Built atop decentralized web3 technologies, IPFS (for server-less data) and the NEAR Protocol (a scalable layer-1 chain for identity, digital asset management and tokenized community governance) content creators can take ownership of their work and assume ownership over their content for the first time.

Capsule Social’s Blogchain directly addresses the web’s growing problems around autonomy, privacy, and freedom of expression through the security of the blockchain. Traditional web2 companies have accumulated tremendous power that is threatening individuals and companies. Moreover, their interests are not aligned with content creators or their users. Blogchain empowers novice writers and professional journalists alike to feel confident in their right to share content, inspire debate and generate conversation.

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Through its uniquely engineered business model, Blogchain creates valuable revenue streams for writers and journalists on the platform. All content creators are given the option to implement a paywall and generate revenue from their contributions, no matter the size of following or readership. To facilitate mass adoption and accommodate varying demographics, Blogchain’s design is intuitive and requires no prior experience or crypto tools to join and engage in the platform.

Capsule Social was founded in January 2021 when founder Nadim Kobeissi raised $100K within 24 hours of tweeting about the idea and need for a decentralized social media. This prompted a $2.6M seed round, which included top-tier investors and led by Beacon Fund, a dedicated crypto fund by Polychain Capital. A truly global organization, the Capsule Social team consists of outstanding engineers and marketers working in Europe, North America, India, and Africa. Public beta release of the Blogchain app launched in March of 2022 to a community of 7,000+ people across Discord, Twitter, and a targeted distribution list of journalists and bloggers. In the coming year, the company will look to close its Series A and expand the Blogchain network to thousands of users across the globe.

“We built Blogchain because we believe that freedom of thought and broad intellectual discourse should be the norm, not the exception,” said Capsule Social founder, Nadim Kasseibi. “Blogchain solves the freedom of expression and privacy problems using decentralized technologies, so creators’ content is resistant to takedowns, censorship, and online mobs.”

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