Economic Tools for a More Creative Internet: The New Computer Corporation Announces $2.5M in Seed Funding to Build Decentralized API Infrastructure for Web3

The New Computer Corporation (NCC), creators of decentralized application program services (dAPIs) that provide web3 infrastructure and utility, announced a Seed Funding round of $2.5 million dollars led by Borderless Capital. The round also includes investments from Eterna Capital, PEER, Algorand Foundation, Hivemind Ventures, Big Brain Holdings, Web Tree Capital, Noise DAO, Valentine Venture, Ten Ventures, Marcus Eng and SongADAO.

The new suite of products provides developers with utility and infrastructure tools to seamlessly build fun, collaborative, and creative experiences on web3. Decentralized application program interfaces (dAPIs) are interoperable, allowing different apps to “speak” to each other, creating endless possibilities for customers building web3-compliant applications and platforms. Using Algorand blockchain technology as the foundation, NCC is committed to helping build a new creator economy that leads with transparency and puts internet fun first.

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The global internet promised to democratize publishing and facilitate equitable flow of revenue. Three decades on and it has not been delivered, but the potential is still there. In 2020, the internet economy contributed $2.5 trillion dollars to the total gross domestic product (GDP) of the U.S.. In 2021, the total combined revenue of the ten largest U.S. internet companies was $1.4 trillion.

This vast consolidation of wealth is barely seen by the creators who continue to be inadequately compensated for their contributions. And all while being exploited for their participation through the growth of user data collection and targeted and third-party ad networks to name just a couple of examples. Big business is reliant on creativity and culture at large. The NCC believes that with the right tools, the internet has the capacity to help rebalance the scales of commerce in the favor of creators.

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With the mission of enabling economic transparency and equitable revenue to online creators, The NCC is announcing its dAPI tools which will soon be available for use. Like “Switzerland for web3” in its non-partisan neutrality, the familiar modular format and interoperability of the toolkit empowers existing developers to construct and combine a stack of services seamlessly.

NCC plans to use the funds to expand its engineering and product team. The company will continue to build more dAPI services that are easily stackable and provide developers with the tools they need to build services for creators and publishers who want to make a better, fun internet.

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