Global IDs Celebrates 20 Years of Pioneering Excellence in Enterprise Data Management

Enterprise data management software company Global IDs steps into its third decade of path-breaking work in the field of metadata management tools.

Global IDs reached 20 years of continued growth and success – a milestone we are all proud to share with our customers and team members. For twenty years, we have delivered innovative solutions for delivering foundational data capabilities to meet the highest demands of our customers.

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In 2001, Dr. Arka Mukherjee, Founder & CEO, understood there was a gap in understanding and leveraging enterprise data to drive optimization, manage risk and create opportunity for growth. Since the company’s launch, Global IDs has been a leader in helping Fortune 500 companies manage the ever-increasing deluge of data and had a jump start on the advent of Big Data. “We had a vision to gain deep expertise in solving complex data related problems that would lead organizations to unlock growth and optimization opportunities. Our vision remains the same after 20 years and we take personal interest in every customer, remaining committed to delivering results that directly support them in achieving their strategic goals”, said Dr. Mukherjee on the occasion of the 20th anniversary. “Over the last two decades, our patents reflect the many innovations we have brought into the market such as large-scale metadata scanning, scientific data lineage and automated graph integration” added Dr. Mukherjee.

“We are honored to be celebrating 20 years. Our team’s deep expertise, support model and technical capabilities are differentiators in the market. We continue to innovate and evolve ‘Making Data Better’ so we can deliver growth success for our customers. As a past customer of Global IDs, I can attest to the effectiveness Global IDs brings to execution and the strong partnership they build with every client.” said Lisa DiGiorgio, SVP Head of Marketing & Client Services.

Successful companies value their people and understand this is a key differentiator to provide excellence in customer experience and products. We have been fortunate to have a team of dedicated knowledgeable employees who make a difference in how we work with our customers. Global IDs has received recognition from various industry publications on this score.

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“Working with an amazing team of people, who’ve been here for decades, life at Global IDs has been one fun ride. Certainly, the best place to start one’s career with, there is just one criterion to succeed here, and that is merit. But what I am most grateful for is our Global IDs culture. Often, especially for us women, we shy away from stating our aspirations clearly, but here, we are encouraged to go and achieve them, be it on our personal or professional journeys. I joined as a young professional, but I was quickly able to get my goals met, of course with a lot of help from Dr. Mukherjee and this incredible Global IDs family,” said Sutapa Dutta, Head of Global Data Management Solutions.

“As we look ahead into our third decade of growth, usability and customer experience remains our core focus. We at Global IDs will strive to bring new and differentiated innovations into the data and analytics market to solve emerging problems of the coming decade,” added Dr. Mukherjee.

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