Hanzo Adds Visual Analyzer To Identify Relevant Slack Conversations Rapidly

Hanzo Hold’s new Visual Analyzer allows corporate legal and HR teams to quickly visualize hot spots within the data and drill into it to gain insights and determine relevance.

Hanzo, a technology pioneer in preserving, collecting, reviewing, and exporting dynamic, complex collaboration, messaging, and SaaS data sources, announced a significant enhancement to Hanzo Hold. The new Visual Analyzer capability helps organizations gain rapid insights from massive volumes of Slack conversations during discovery or internal investigations.

Hanzo Hold brings simplicity and control to legal and HR teams who need easy and rapid access to information. Visual Analyzer builds upon Hanzo’s robust search capabilities using a heat map to display keyword hits across time, who is conversing about a specific topic, and which channels or direct messages these conversations exist. From this visual analysis, organizations can identify other custodians and rule out extraneous and irrelevant data for narrowing the scope.

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With the Visual Analyzer, it’s quick work to see the volume distribution of messages over time and filter by the highest volume of channels or by the highest volume users to rapidly make sense of Slack content. This addition makes it easy to drill down into specific conversations from the filter set and use the heat map to cull data and export what you need quickly. Individually select or click and drag to select multiple dates for a quick inspection. No expert boolean search parameters are required.

Hanzo’s Visual Analyzer creates a visualization of total message volume across time while providing easy-to-use, interactive filters based on channels and users. Visual Analyzer allows users to rapidly understand the breadth of their data with quick-view results based on timeframes, custodians, and channels. Users may also select individual heatmap tiles or draw timeboxes to view the relevant message results. At any step in the process, users can export their data in review-platform-ready formats. Best of all, no expert boolean search parameters are required.

“This new feature is Hanzo’s first entry into visual analytics born from the work we did with The Sustainable Innovation Fund with Innovate UK grant. We’ve been building models to take complex data sets and extract value and meaning with visual context,” said Brad Harris, VP of Product, Hanzo. “When you have massive amounts of data, results in a simple grid view are tough to parse through to gain meaningful insights. From this foundational work, we’re looking forward to adding toolsets to help enterprises gain more intelligence about the content of their data, whether it’s PII or sentiment analysis.”

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