Marketing Technology Highlights of The Week: Featuring Sinch, ContentStack, SendinBlue, Lytics and more!

With marketers opening up more to the benefits of automation and personalization, what top martech trends and marketing goals will reinvent the scope of marketing through 2022? Find out more from this weekly highlight:


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While I have always been focused on technology, I embrace that you must have a strategy supporting your use of technology. You must also be sure that strategy connects to measurable goals. You must also communicate that strategy to your team regularly. Finally, you must have a cadence of review and continuous improvement so your strategy, process and use of technology don’t become stale.

Margaret Wise, Chief Growth Officer at ClickDimensions 


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 MarTech QnA with the Expert

MarTech Interview with Justin McDonald, Senior VP and GM of Conversational Marketing at TerminusConversations happen in real-time; they’re scalable. Chatbots are scalable, too, offering instant access to support or answering questions based on existing data or buyer intent. To succeed, conversations need context and relevancy. They evolve as more information is shared. Chatbots should work the same way, too. That’s why they should integrate with CRMs, Sales Engagement Platforms and Marketing Automation, where they can access customer data — whether it’s a job title, purchasing history, contacts, typical requirements, the possibilities are endless. When the chatbot can access that information, the conversation becomes a lot more helpful to the buyer or customer.

Justin McDonald, Senior VP and GM of Conversational Marketing at Terminus 

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