Using Real-time Customer Insights to Boost Online Engagement

With all the various sources and types of data and customer insights available to marketers today, marketing teams can actually deepen the use of real-time consumer feedback and insights to fuel future marketing campaigns and even boost customer engagement initiatives:
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Here are 03 things to keep in mind:

Don’t Rely only on Past Marketing Info

For most marketers, before running a fresh campaign or planning an ad strategy, diving into how past campaigns performed and what messaging was used then is usually a starting point. While this data can definitely help fuel certain aspects of a future marketing campaign, it shouldn’t be the only basis around which a campaign is planned. 

The B2B marketplace or for that matter, most marketplaces today function under constant innovation with rapid changes in trends and consumer behavior. A campaign that was built out even up to a quarter or two ago will have outdated insights to a certain level. 

Complementing previous campaign insights with real-time customer behavior or insights will give marketers a better idea of what customers want currently in terms of features and solutions. 

Run a Real-time Feedback Test; Let Customers Participate in your Marketing Process

If there’s one rule that should drive marketing today it’s – test everything, automate most things. Marketers today have the ability to run real-time feedback campaigns that can further be dovetailed to let customers participate in a core marketing initiative. For instance, if a marketing team is undergoing a brand overhaul or revamping their website, running test campaigns through which the team asks prospects what type of website layout or features they’d prefer while also running a couple of home page designs by them can allow them to gather real-time customer preferences while making prospects and customers a core part of the marketing initiative. At a time when customers like to be valued and want a more collaborative experience, combining your feedback analysis and data gathering strategy to an ongoing marketing initiative or campaign will make customers feel like their inputs really matter. 

Real-time Consumer Insights can Prevent Marketing Mishaps Down the Line

Using real-time customer behavior trends and preferences earlier on to drive marketing campaign launches can help reduce the marketing cycle and also prevent mishaps down the line. By A/B testing an ad campaign and running two ad variations for a limited period of time, for instance, can allow marketers and advertisers to understand what type of design element, messaging and call to action resonate with a certain type of audience. Using these type of insights to fuel the next marketing or ad campaign can help marketers reduce the lifecycle of the customer journey because they’ll be running campaigns based on actual triggers. It will also help marketers prevent problems down the line because it will reduce the potential of a campaign giving limited outcomes because feedback can be collected again to fuel informed next steps and corrections in time. 

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Bringing the customer voice into real-time marketing plans can actually be very beneficial in building out dynamic messaging that resonates with more people. Real-time customer behavior insights can allow marketers to ensure they are on the right track while doing this.

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