What Can Marketers Do to Drive Brand Perception with Better Customer Testimonials?

Social proof is what your other clients have to say about your services/products and considerably influences your future clients’ decision. According to experts, in 2020, over 85 percent of businesses referred to internet evaluations for shortlisting local companies to meet their requirements. As a result, business testimonials are becoming increasingly critical to attract prospective clients and stand out from the competitors.

The Use of Testimonials in B2B

Testimonials act as an important influencing factor for your inbound business marketing efforts, particularly for the activities related to client delight. This often-overlooked aspect of a company’s growth often remains untapped despite its enormous potential. However, for many businesses, the most difficult part is generally figuring out how to collect testimonies and then present them efficiently. 

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The Best Way to Present Testimonials for B2B Teams

  • Use Of Quotes – Quotes are an excellent technique to draw attention to brief recommendations. If a client or business refers to you, you can include a photo of them alongside a quotation from their recommendation. Including a photograph with the quotes from your clients or businesses will assist in personalizing the referral. In addition, this will allow potential clients for your business to put a face to a name.
  • Videos – Videos are also widely shared and, if the subject is engaging enough and businesses and consumers find them interesting, they have the potential to go viral, getting more attention to your business. For example, Dollar Shave Club, an American Based Company, has made a fortune by posting humorous videos that have led to the company becoming internet superstars overnight; they are one of the most popular and talked about companies. So while you may not hit gold every time and get a viral video, one successful piece of content might soon outweigh all the others that you will produce.
  • Social Media – Whether you like it or not, client and business testimonials will automatically be captured on the social media networks of your own business. Clients who have strong feelings about a product or service might find rapid catharsis on social media. A happy client can ask their business teams to invest more in your product/service, write a dynamic review, and publish it for all to see – and, depending on the size of your client’s social following, that review could potentially affect millions of people. Make an effort to interact with clients supporting your company on social media. If it’s an engaging piece of material, like and share their post, it’s ultimately going to benefit your own business.
  • Case Study – A case study is a detailed examination of single client interaction with your business. These articles tend to take a more scientific approach to demonstrate how your company contributed to your client’s success. Case studies, for example, frequently employ facts and observations to show how particular goods or services offered by your company have benefited other clients. One of the most valuable advantages of case study testimonials is presenting a comprehensive client story to a potential lead. This is ideal for B2B businesses seeking to persuade a whole company to purchase their product or service. Leads could read the client narrative sample and compare it to their circumstance to evaluate whether your firm can meet their specific demands. 
  • Site Reviews – Third-party review sites and industry-specific directory entries both have a great deal of influence on B2B businesses. Third-party review sites are significant on their own, and testimonials and reviews by clients are crucial if you want to get the most out of these possibilities and expand your business. If your company’s profile has no ratings or testimonials but is featured in an industry directory, your company’s profile is weaker than those who do have ratings on their profiles. Reviews on sites such as Yelp and Angi can be incredibly beneficial for your business.

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Some of the best Testimonial Tools for B2B businesses

  • Testimonial Hero 

Testimonial Hero is a platform for B2B internet marketers that focuses on making outstanding video testimonials to expand the potential of their businesses. In addition, testimonial Hero offers perfect interview questions based on your client’s particular needs.

  • Endorsal 

Endorsal is a testimonial tool that firms may utilize in both the B2B and B2C sectors. It’s a simple yet effective solution for collecting consumer feedback via configurable review forms. Endorsal’s distinctive feature, SuperLinks, connects known customers’ data to your forms automatically, saving you time and increasing your chances of collecting more testimonials which is important for any B2B business. 

Your client’s opinions are extremely important for the growth of your business. Those businesses that focus on testimonials tend to suffer and cannot progress in the same way as the competing businesses who can leverage the testimonials to their advantage. Build great client connections and take advantage of every chance to promote your business, and your B2B sales will register impressive growth in no time.

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