Responding To a Growing Demand for Local Brands, Admitad Enters the Hungarian Market

The global IT company has begun entering the Hungarian market on a full-scale. With this, local brands and publishers will gain access to the company’s tools, gain a broader range of revenue channels, increase brand awareness, establish long-term business partnerships, and improve key business metrics.

Admitad develops and invests in advertising and monetization technologies, partner services, money management solutions, media buying and SmartShopping services. Now the company unites more than 30 thousand advertisers and tens of thousands of publishers from all over the world.

In this time of economic uncertainty, the CPA Cost per Action model – orders, installations and applications – is especially attractive for companies in Eastern Europe. It provides brands with the opportunity to clearly plan their advertising budgets, test new sales channels without risk, and generate additional revenue.

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Over the past few years, Admitad has been studying the Hungarian market and has noticed the growing demand for affiliate marketing tools. Exodus of Ukrainian partners abroad and company scaling are also significant reasons for entering new markets. With a significant share of the affiliate marketing market in Ukraine, the company plans to bring to Hungary the best tools and practices of this industry.

Previously, the Admitad team has already worked with the local audience and saw a huge potential in local buyers and brands. The company managed to achieve excellent results in cooperation with competitors of Hungary partners that are close to Admitad geographically and are focussed on the digital industries and e-commerce. There are a number of well-known brands affiliated with Admitad that are familiar to Hungarian consumers, including Shein, Spartoo, among others. Using Admitad tools, they generate a 40% to 120% growth in local sales on average per year.

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“Admitad will continue to strengthen its positions in Eastern Europe, and it is the most experienced Ukrainian team that will lead this process. This team will be able to apply all the accumulated expertise in working with Hungarian brands and online stores. First of all, the Admitad Partner Network and the Instant Payout service will become available in new markets,” says Alexander Krivosheev, head of the Partner Network in the CIS.

Admitad accelerates the growth of medium and large businesses, as well as helps small businesses grow.

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