Rocket Referrals and HawkSoft Announce a New Two-Way API Integration

HawkSoft and Rocket Referrals’ customers can automate policyholder communications and keep their history in the management system

Mutual customers of HawkSoft and Rocket Referrals can now automate communications to policyholders and have a record of all communications stored in HawkSoft.

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“We’re always working on new tools to help independent insurance agents automate as many communication processes as possible,” said Torey Maerz, CEO, Rocket Referrals. “This is another step in helping HawkSoft users automate things, saving them time and making their daily operations more efficient.”

In addition to Rocket Referrals’ existing ability to read client and policy data from HawkSoft, Rocket Referrals has added Log Notes (records of automated communications sent for a client or policy) to keep a history of all communications sent through Rocket Referrals. This includes automatically documenting emails, text messages, and handwritten cards sent through mail.

Rocket Referrals can also assign a task in HawkSoft to bring an agent’s or CSR’s attention to important follow-ups, for example, a client who may be upset at or happy with the agency (identified through Rocket Referrals’ Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys), or set a phone call reminder.

“We see a lot of ourselves in Rocket Referrals,” says Paul Hawkins, CEO and co-founder of HawkSoft. “Like us, they are an independent company not looking for a quick exit,” Paul continues, “and have consistently demonstrated strong support of independent agents. Rocket Referrals goes above and beyond when they build an integration or feature for HawkSoft agencies.”

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Early in 2022, HawkSoft announced a forthcoming two-way API enhancement to their API connectivity, and Rocket Referrals is one of the first to incorporate the new functionality into their integration with HawkSoft.

Mutual customers of HawkSoft and Rocket Referrals can activate two-way API integration today using HawkSoft Marketplace.

HawkSoft and Rocket Referrals

HawkSoft, the Oregon-based insurtech vendor, has a long history of working closely with Rocket Referrals, a leading communication platform for independent insurance agencies.

In 2020, the companies introduced API integration between their systems that allows Rocket Referrals to access client and policy data stored in HawkSoft’s cloud architecture to power communication campaigns including email, text messages, and handwritten cards.

The following year, Rocket Referrals developed a desktop utility called Sidecar to better facilitate mutual customers using both platforms side-by-side.

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