Centriply Marks Linear TV Attribution Milestone

Over two dozen large-scale attribution studies that confirm audience-driven linear TV impressions drive growth

Attribution in TV advertising can be hard to come by, but independent media agency and TV specialist Centriply announced completion of its latest 2Q attribution study validating the impact of marketing campaigns that include audience-based linear TV. With over 24 different studies in the last two years, Centriply surpassed its goal of 20 studies in three years, delivering accountable TV ad campaigns that support business growth and confirmation that data-driven linear TV strategies and tactics work.

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Coordinating with eight different data providers and over a dozen clients, Centriply has developed a unique audience-driven linear TV advertising solution that starts with the same audiences as digital campaigns and ends by measuring on-target TV impressions delivered within custom zones around hundreds of locations. “Offering a variety of sales lift, foot traffic, and brand health study options– to agencies and brands alike– has set us apart from other buying services and ad tech,” notes Rich Kaufman, VP Business Development. “Being able to validate marketing budgets spent in local linear TV shows the impact TV has in the whole marketing stack,” Justin Keck, Group VP added. “Being able to apply the same audience data segments from a brands’ 1st party data as their digital campaign allows comparison of viewers of linear TV to be combined with other campaign data, all in one place for campaign planners. This presents a cohesive solution to clients, reducing waste and increasing impact while extending reach. Having the same audience segments as digital planners at our fingertips makes the view of the market and audience much more complete.”

Audience segmentation is the pre-requisite for a successful data-driven ad campaign. In addition to other data partners, Centriply recently started a new partnership with Claritas, creating even more large-scale household level matching abilities across the US. Kaufman notes that “before, we would often hear clients wondering if the scale of linear TV was significant enough, or can the process be more transparent? Well, yes, with these groundbreaking solutions.” The positive results are ongoing, as more and more studies are tracked across quarters and several types of KPIs are studied. Capabilities include increasing participants to medical trials, boosting consideration of online learning, and producing significant upticks in ticket sales to seasonal activities— all tracked back to exposure of campaigns around the country. Keck observed that “mid-market and regional brands are often looking to reach 15-30% of the population, which puts them in our sweet spot. With network campaigns there can be a substantial amount of wasted impressions in areas not required, while all-local buys are extremely complex to keep track of. Our audience first approach makes it manageable and measurable.”

As an industry leader, host of the Friday Fireside vlog with weekly appearances on TV Of Tomorrow Show, and member of the Academy of Television Arts, The iTV Doctor Rick Howe confirmed “The industry is coming to realize that Centriply has the tools, the experience and the capabilities to make their advertising work harder for them.” He added “Now that attribution to TV impressions can occur across all levels of the marketing funnel, it’s not just TV’s strength in creating brand awareness, but mid-funnel achievements like driving foot traffic and sales transaction results that are now standard.” So, the next time an advertiser is wondering if TV campaigns can do attribution, Kaufman says “Yes…let’s take a look at what works for you.”

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