BrandTruth Inc logoBrandTruth®, a SaaS company based in Denver, CO, proudly announces the launch of its platform that simplifies the initial brand discovery process and expands its efficacy through greater company-wide participation. Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and proven psychology, BrandTruth aligns employees behind one cohesive, collective statement, driving sales and customer attachment.

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“BrandTruth is the evolution of our years of branding experience,” says Shane George, CEO. “We saw the potential for combining psychological analysis with technology to both democratize the brand development process and enable a user-friendly model that unifies a company’s identity, voice, look, and feel.”

BrandTruth usurps the traditional brand development exercise, which can be lengthy, expensive, and typically involves input from only a small fraction of an organization’s employees. Using the platform, a sizable employee bloc creates brand insights by answering Five Factor Personality Model questionnaires. This scientifically proven technique uncovers a truer brand personality that distinguishes the organization from competitors.

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With the greater acceptance of working-from-home or global teams, this model further benefits the organization and accelerates the brand development process without needing to conduct in-person meetings.

“With company-wide input, an organization more thoroughly develops its brand essence,” says Tom Cherrey, CBO. “Following discovery, the company receives AI-driven brand tools that further contextualizes the brand and the effectiveness of its use.”

Following brand discovery, the BrandTruth portal reveals management tools such as text and image analyzers as well as apps to determine the psychological reaction to the new brand. Artificial intelligence drives this important part of brand development and can direct a company’s action for activities such as ad spending.

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