FreeWheel VMR Report: Premium Video On Demand Dominated Q4 2017

Video Monetization Report (VMR) Points Towards the Growing Love for OTT & VOD

FreeWheel, recently revealed the findings of VMR of Q4 2017 which basically pointed towards the love of live viewing. Marketers followed up with the audience and saw a promising growth in numbers of Ad views across the US and Europe. This change facilitated publishers, operators, marketers to effectively target the audiences with innovative methods.

The data from the VMR presented these major trends and shifts:

Over The Top and Video on demand stood strong: It was revealed in the report that about 50% of all the combine ad views came from the Setup box, VOD (video on demand) and OTT (Over the top) in the US while the numbers for Europe were at 37%. This remarkable growth was seen in just a period of three with the adviews back then being 10% only in both the markets. OTT as per report is at the peak in terms of ad view shares.

Programmatic growth remained stagnant, premium syndication hiked; The sudden growth in the premium ad views can be attributed to TV everywhere being offered on every channel. This naturally saw a hike in the number of ad views for the syndicated ad as the viewer base of premium video market in the US grew exponentially. The transactions based out of automated ad views did similar numbers as 2016. They were recorded to be 10% & 21% for the US and Europe.

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Repetitive ads fell: The enhanced flexibility provided by the premium video gauntlet saw publishers have a wide array of creative ads at their disposal. This led to improved customer experience with the emergence of disverse creative advertisers. The repetition of the adverts fell down in the US to 14% from 24%, as compared to the previous year.

Freewheel’s report witnessed the shift towards the OTT and VOD platforms. The total ad views commanded by the live video now stands at 31%, which is shows a growth of 5% in the last Five years. Marketers and advertisers can take advantage of this growing trend, as the upcoming months has a stockpile of major audience-pleasing events in 2018 Winter Olympics, FIFA World cups and so on. Serving this segment to a large audience would prove to be a real challenge. Technical complications among other issues if not resolved can cause hindrance.

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