Riverside.fm Launches Clips to Empower Video Creators to Reach More People

Leading video creation platform Riverside.fm – used by Disney, Spotify, The New York Times – launches ‘Clips’ to help video professionals repurpose content quickly into multiple pieces of short content for easy sharing on social media to reach more people with the same effort.

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In a world where it’s easier than ever to create content but harder than before to grab attention, people don’t commit to watching a new show or series before seeing a part of it. So why not entice them with a short, exciting teaser?

Riverside.fm is the leading remote recording platform that makes professional video creation achievable by anyone, anywhere.

This is where Clips come in.

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It’s a new way to repurpose your long-form content into shorter content pieces, shareable across social media to reach more people and entice them to subscribe to your channel.

Instead of spending hours downloading, previewing, and trimming recordings in post-production, the new Riverside Clips feature automatically creates quick short content for all video creators. This way, creators can swiftly share teasers on various platforms to encourage more people to commit to their brand and longer-form content. 

It’s super easy, and the feature is designed to grow content reach with no extra effort.

Powerful short content for anyone

Think of it, Hollywood already does this. No movie or big production comes out without a trailer to pull you in. Of course, filmmakers have a whole production crew behind them, but with Riverside.fm’s, there’s no need.

The new feature gives creators the chance to maximize their content and make a real impact.

Clips are high-quality MP4s and ensure that all video creators can repurpose their content further while still looking highly professional. The feature also saves plenty of editing hours! With Riverside’s quick-editing Clips, video professionals will be ready to grow their reach in no time.

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