Establishing Norms for Incremental Lift and Conversions for TV Advertising Across 17 Industries and Providing First-Ever Performance Baselines for Networks and Brands to Transact on TV, the market leader for real-time TV ad measurement and attribution, announced the first-ever business-outcome benchmarking system for TV advertising. The baselines provide TV networks, brands and agencies with reliable, predictable norms for the key performance measures of incremental lift and conversion across 17 industries.
iSpot, which was the first to launch deterministic, always-on business-outcome measurement for TV advertising over three years ago, has since established sufficient critical mass of advertiser adoption to correlate ad exposures to millions of daily sales actions such as web or app activity, location visits, and industry-specific events such as registrations, point of sale, and other data sources.
“In order for the TV industry to mature around performance-based buying business-outcome causality for TV advertising needs to be measured persistently, at scale and be sufficiently predictive,” says Sean Muller, CEO of iSpot. “We are making these benchmarks available to help both sides of our customer base transact more efficiently and with greater confidence..”
The always-on measurement platform laid the foundation for companies such as Target’s Roundel agency to transform TV ad buying for its brand customers by connecting TV ad exposure rates to sales happening across its stores.
On the sell side, TV networks such as FOX and NBCUniversal have previously announced utilization of iSpot’s business-outcome measurement capabilities. Now, employing iSpot’s always-on capabilities, TV networks can evaluate performance for advertising across a much broader landscape.