Realeyes Announces Attention Data API for Predicting In-Market Outcomes of Video Advertising

API Unlocks Creative Performance Testing at Scale On Digital Platforms Like YouTube, Facebook and TikTok

Realeyes, a pioneer and leader in video attention measurement, today announced it has launched an API for its patented attention data. The API will enable advertisers to ingest large volumes of Realeyes’ attention data directly into their existing advertising technology platforms and workflow.

The API is based on data from Realeyes’ award-winning PreView product, which is built on the most advanced facial coding technology and machine learning. PreView provides marketers with a true measure of consumer attention and emotional response so they can optimize advertising creative, increase quality exposures and decrease media waste resulting from poor video quality. The API provides advertisers visibility into the attention performance of their videos even before they activate live in market.

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This quarter, Realeyes will also release a new suite of PreView Advanced Intelligence Dashboards built with Google Data Studio. The Dashboards will integrate high volumes of video-attention data from the PreView API, along with ad performance data from platforms like Google, Facebook and others. The Dashboards will enable comparative analytics and flexible views across dimensions like brand, geography, format and performance. They will be purpose-built for brand advertisers seeking to qualify their video assets, gain competitive intelligence and drive attentive reach for better business outcomes.

“Attention helps create the right incentives to maximize the combined impact of media and creative,” said James Donner, Partner and Head of Media and Strategy at Decoded, part of S4 Capital. “As cookies depreciate, attention metrics will become ever more important to optimize advertising performance and we’ll need scalable solutions to deploy into our workflow.”

“Attention is a foundational outcome and smart advertising is evolving into scalable and automated video creation based on that outcome,” said Fergus Dyer-Smith, Founder & CEO at Wooshii, a video content production platform. “We see brands reaching a saturation point in optimizing media, and therefore they are turning more attention to the power of creative and its ability to drive attention.”

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“Brand advertisers need stronger signals to plan and optimize digital campaigns beyond broken reach strategies like lowest cost CPM,” said Mihkel Jäätma, co-founder and CEO of Realeyes. “PreView embeds creative intelligence into advertising workflow at scale, delivering a clear validation of human attention and resonance necessary for brand equity and sales. Creative performance is the most important lever to reduce media waste and drive brand growth.”

According to Nielsen NCS, creative is responsible for 48% of sales outcomes in brand advertising campaigns. Creative is far more influential than any other campaign variable like targeting, reach or frequency. A Realeyes study demonstrated, advertisers can achieve significant impact gains and media waste reduction, easily as much as 30% through attention-based creative selection alone.

Recent Forrester data shows 80% of CPG marketers are hungry for better customer attention data. And 98% of respondents believe that attention metrics would drive value for their organizations. The Realeyes PreView API makes it easier for brands to act on predictive intelligence for every video, while linking attention performance to business outcomes.

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office recently awarded a patent to Realeyes for PreView’s core technology, a “computer-implemented system and method for determining attentiveness of users.” PreView recently was named a winner in The Business Intelligence Group’s Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards, as well as winner for the BIG Innovation competition.

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