Global Organizations Turn to Video to Drive Marketing, Sales, and Employee Engagement in the Digital Age

As businesses ramp up investments in digital communications, online events, and remote work policies, teams are turning to online video to power conversations with prospects, customers, and employees

Organizations around the globe are embracing online video as a more personal and compelling way to engage their audiences in an increasingly digital business world. Global organizations, including Ceridian, HubSpot, and Zycus, have turned to video to power marketing campaigns, accelerate sales deals, support customer communications, and disseminate vital company information quickly and securely. By integrating video into every step of the business, these organizations are unlocking new revenue potential while making video creation and publishing a core part of their company culture–a critical competency for the future of business.

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“Today, businesses are relying more and more on digital channels to communicate with prospects, customers, employees and colleagues. Traditional face-to-face interactions are becoming less common, and many in-personal events and gatherings have moved to virtual online formats that span a global scale,” says Ashish Agarwal, Head of Digital Marketing and Strategy at Zycus. “To meet the needs of the modern market, many marketers and sales reps have turned to video because it scales, adds personality to any message, and is far more convenient, engaging, and memorable than text-based alternatives.”

While video is now commonly used for social media marketing and employee training, enterprises such as Ceridian, HubSpot, and Zycus are leveraging Vidyard’s enterprise video platform and personal video messaging tools to make video a mainstay of their broader marketing, sales, and employee engagement programs:

  • Ceridian, a global human capital management technology company, uses video to create powerful, personal, and impactful customer connections.

  • HubSpot, a leading growth platform, watched as video in sales spread like wildfire across their organization, with the medium now driving 4x more booked meetings than other sales tactics.

  • Zycus, a leading global provider of procurement performance solutions, gets the most out of their video investments by generating higher-quality leads, closing more sales deals, and improving the value of internal communications.

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Ceridian: How This HR Tech Leader Became a Video-Enabled Business 

At Ceridian, video plays a critically important role in the way they approach, engage and support their customers.

When Andrei Vexler, Director of Video Marketing, joined Ceridian and discovered that he could tie Vidyard into Salesforce, he knew video could positively impact the way Ceridian’s marketing and sales teams worked. There was a huge benefit to knowing exactly what videos their prospects were watching, when, and for how long. And having video content in one place, versus hosted on multiple platforms, made it easier to manage and to capture the exact metrics that they needed.

Ceridian’s marketing and sales teams use video to create powerful, personal and impactful customer connections. With the help of Vidyard, Ceridian has found its video ‘happy place’ with teams using video to support every step of the buyer’s journey.

HubSpot: Drives Global Sales Performance by Embracing Personal Video 

HubSpot was founded on the principle of “inbound,” the notion that people don’t want to be interrupted by marketers or harassed by salespeople—they want to be helped.

Back in 2017, sales rep Adam Rataj was the first person at HubSpot to discover the power of video for sales. Instead of jumping on a call with a customer to ask a question or booking a virtual meeting to do a quick demo, he simply recorded a short video to show off a feature or demonstrate a task. Within six months, the benefits of adding video to prospecting efforts spread like wildfire across their organization. When HubSpot reps incorporated personal video into the mix, the ratio of videos sent to meetings booked was 6%. That’s 4x higher than all other activities combined.

Today, the HubSpot team relies extensively on video to power their entire business. They’ve woven video across their website and blog to clearly explain complex ideas, prioritized video as a powerful way to share their customer stories, and shifted to video-based training and learning programs to get the right information into the right hands. Video makes up a vast part of HubSpot’s events strategy, too. Many events are now being hosted virtually via video, and video-recorded sessions of their INBOUND content has been made available online.

In 2018, HubSpot even partnered with Vidyard to launch HubSpot Video because they saw an incredible opportunity in the way they could deliver a fully-integrated video solution to HubSpot’s marketing, sales, and service customers.

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Zycus: Drives Quality Leads and 6.6x ROI with Video

Early to embrace video, Zycus’ marketing team has long understood the power of the medium when it came to engaging with prospects. They had been busy uploading on-demand webinars, executive interviews, and product demos to YouTube. The problem was, while their YouTube-hosted videos were generating thousands of views each, their marketing team couldn’t capture those leads. Even more troubling, visitors viewing Zycus YouTube channel were being offered up an unrelated (or worse, a competitor’s) video.

Ashish Agarwal, Head of Digital Marketing and Strategy for Zycus, saw the benefits to moving to a video-hosting platform like Vidyard.

“With no embedded call to action (CTAs) on our YouTube video content, and no way to capture or track those leads, we were letting prospects slip through our fingers. We were unable to control the process,” Agarwal says. “Since moving to Vidyard, now we get the most out of our video investments so that we can generate higher-quality leads, close more sales deals, and realize higher ROI.”

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