Pictory Launches AI-Powered Video Solution for the Creator Economy; Announces 5000+ Customers and 100x Growth in 3 Months

Content Creators and Marketers leverage Pictory to increase productivity by 50% and social engagement by 25%

Pictory, an AI-powered video solution that empowers content creators and marketers to edit and produce videos automatically and at scale, today announced the launch of a new video solution targeting the creator economy and the addition of 5000+ new customers reflecting 100x growth in 3 months.

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“Not to mention the almost infinite choices of stock video clips and music tracks– this tool is a revolution”

The recent months have seen the largest increase in new business applications in America in two decades as the pandemic has reinvigorated entrepreneurship. Many of these new entrepreneurs are part of the rapidly growing creator economy where over 2 million people make a full-time living as content creators.

Video is a critical consideration for these creative entrepreneurs, yet video editing and production remains a big pain point for content creators as it is expensive, time-consuming, and requires specialized skills. Pictory’s new AI-powered cloud solution has specifically been architected to address these pain points.

“The creator economy is giving people a chance to specialize in their passions and to pursue their dream jobs,” said Pete Bennett, a Pictory customer who runs multiple YouTube channels and is a full-time creator. “In the new creator economy, video plays a crucial role given the high engagement that this medium naturally drives. We’re delighted that Pictory is ably empowering this new wave with their continually evolving AI-powered video solution,” added Bennett.

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Pictory comes packed with a multitude of AI-powered capabilities available out-of-the-box:

  • Create highlights of videos in shareable reels
  • Edit video using text as easily as editing a document
  • Add captions to videos automatically
  • Convert webinar and long-form content into social snippets
  • Craft videos from blogs, articles, and scripts

“Pictory is a massive time saver. While the ease of creating short-form clips from content, the auto-captioning, and transcription capabilities are great, what I’ve most enjoyed is the automatic ability for the tool to be able to elegantly trim out filler words like ums and ahs,” said Thorsten Linz, CEO of Innovare AI, a Pictory customer. “Not to mention the almost infinite choices of stock video clips and music tracks– this tool is a revolution,” he added.

Pictory’s innovation is powered by Artificial intelligence (AI) to handle various video use cases such as extracting the key messages from long-form content, searching for the best visual to accompany a social post, selecting the best music track to pair with the video, for text-to-speech rendering, to transcribe a video, create video highlights, and more.

“Pictory not only empowers the content creators of the rapidly growing creator economy, but also immensely boosts the productivity of enterprise marketers while saving costs,” said Vikram Chalana, CEO of Pictory. “Pictory’s AI-powered automation is a game changer for marketers & content creators as they can repurpose existing long-form content such as webinars, podcasts, and blogs into several dozens of short videos for social media in minutes. 5000+ global customers is a strong testament to the immense value Pictory delivers to customers,” he added.

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