Magnetic Launches AI-Powered Audience Segmentation Platform

Artificial Intelligence company, Magnetic, announced the launch of Magnetic Live Audiences, the first AI-optimized audience segmentation product. With Magnetic Live Audiences, media buyers are now able to tap into the power of AI in an entirely new way, without having to switch buying platforms or change workflows.

As advertisers and agencies continue to grow investment in automated buying, the need for timely and accurate audience targeting has never been more paramount. Consumer behavior is becoming increasingly fragmented, meaning today’s audience likely isn’t the best audience tomorrow. Standard industry practices rely on static cookie pools and prolonged data refreshes, resulting in audience segments that are uninformed by continuous changes in consumer behavior and attitudes.

Magnetic Live Audiences gives advertisers custom campaign audiences that are continuously refreshed based on new data, campaign performance, and machine learning. Magnetic’s AI Platform creates customized campaign segments by using predictive algorithms and over 350 million live consumer profiles, each comprised of Magnetic’s proprietary search and shopper data, several 3rd party data sources, and the advertisers’ 1st party data. Magnetic Live Audiences then leverages AI to auto-optimize audiences throughout the lifespan of the campaign, delivering vastly improved performance and consumer experience over standard, static segments.

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Advertisers and agencies who buy programmatically have also become increasingly frustrated with the complexities of audience creation and optimization. Media buyers need to create segments by hand-selecting relevant attributes from innumerable options and various data sources, and manually track and optimize segments in-flight, losing valuable time and money throughout the “test and learn” process. And because buyers are generally unable to integrate all vendors into their preferred buying platforms, they need to coordinate campaign buys across partners and measure performance based on inconsistent metrics, further impeding campaign efficiency and efficacy.

Magnetic Live Audiences integrates seamlessly with any DSP, allowing buyers to target Live Audience segments anytime, on any media type or format, and track in-flight performance alongside their other programmatic buys. Magnetic’s clients also benefit from AI-powered fraud protection that proactively identifies and mitigates malicious activity and deceptive ad practices early in the campaign process, prior to standard pre-bid practices.

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“To date, the industry’s AI efforts have focused on improving bid decisioning and optimization algorithms, overlooking the most critical campaign component – the audience. With Magnetic Live Audiences, we bring the power of machine learning and AI automation to audience creation and optimization. We’re thrilled to provide advertisers and agencies with yet another cutting-edge AI solution that empowers them to get the most from their marketing investments,” said Corey Ferengul, Chairman and CEO of Magnetic.

The launch of Magnetic Live Audiences closely follows that of Magnetic Force, the fully-automated and transparent media buying platform Magnetic announced in January. Both new products leverage Magnetic’s powerful machine learning and AI platform to drastically improve programmatic campaign performance and profitability for Magnetic’s clients.

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