Lytics and Versium Announce Data Enrichment Partnership


Lytics customers now have access to Versium’s industry leading identity resolution technology and insights data to improve the effectiveness of digital advertising.

Versium and Lytics announced a partnership enabling Lytics customers to enrich their first party data through Versium’s identity and insights data APIs. The solution dramatically improves the ability to reach business target audiences through digital advertising. The partnership provides seamless access to Versium’s expansive identity and insights data including access to Versium’s unique B2B2C identity graph within the Lytics platform.

The Versium-Lytics collaboration helps improve segmentation and personalization while
increasing the ability to connect to audiences across Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, broader digital advertising, and direct communications. Customers will be able to better target and reach ideal customers resulting in lower customer acquisition costs and more effective brand building.

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“Our partnership will add tremendous data power to the Lytics CDP. For our B2B customers, Versium’s business-to-consumer persona mapping is a game changer.” said James McDermott, CEO of Lytics

The Lytics Customer Data Platform (CDP) enables marketers to build personalized digital
experiences and 1-to-1 marketing campaigns by focusing on behavioral data and combining it with their advanced data science and machine learning decision engine.

“Refining personalization and increasing reach across all channels is the holy grail of digital marketing. Our partnership will add tremendous data power to the Lytics CDP. For our B2B customers, Versium’s business-to-consumer persona mapping is a game changer.” said James McDermott, CEO of Lytics.

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The Lytics-Versium partnership provides integrated access to the following Versium identity and
insights data API’s:

1. Contact data enrichment to access additional customer emails, phone numbers, and addresses for better direct outreach.
2. Demographic data enrichment for improved segmentation and personalization.
3. Consumer online identity data enrichment for improved digital ID mapping and match rates.
4. Business to consumer identity data enrichment (B2B2C mapping) for up to 5x increase in digital advertising match rates on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and broader digital advertising.
5. Firmographic data enrichment for better B2B segmentation and personalization. Cleanse non-conforming titles, job functions and businesses from target audiences.
6. Consumer to business identity data enrichment to get business contact details when a lead capture form contains a personal email (i.e., etc.).
7. Reverse IP to business data enrichment to get business contact details from website traffic and improve business audience attribution tracking.

Lytics customers can now improve marketing efficiency and lower their customer acquisition costs through greater transparency and insights not available in “black box” advertising platforms. Marketers can “own” these expanded audience and more effectively reuse them across all digital marketing platforms to reinforce messaging across all channels. Because this enables audience ownership, marketers can be certain they are reaching the same people across these platforms. This enables marketers to refine high performing audiences and implement true omni-channel marketing.

“Versium is excited to be working with Lytics and their industry leading CDP to help improve digital marketing. The work-from-home paradigm has introduced new business-to-business identity resolution challenges which Versium’s B2B2C identity graph resolves by associating consumer and business identities. This is creating a new reality when it comes to activating business audiences through all digital channels,” said Dillana Lim, CEO, Versium.

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