Mapp Digital Unveils Mapp Cloud for Customer Data Orchestration

Mapp Cloud Streamlines and Optimizes Marketing for Customer Acquisition and Engagement

Mapp Digital, a leading marketing technology company, has unveiled Mapp Cloud. Mapp Cloud is a comprehensive platform with solutions to streamline and optimize marketers’ ability to acquire and engage customers. With an easy-to-use and quick to implement capability, Mapp Cloud handles data aggregation, customer segmentation, campaign design, multi-channel orchestration and scalable execution. The latest announcement comes on the heels of the appointment of Steve Warren as CEO, positioning the company for strategic future growth.

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Steve Warren, CEO, Mapp
Steve Warren, CEO, Mapp

At the time of the latest announcement, Steve Warren, CEO of Mapp, said, “We’ve been monitoring the pulse of the market and found that technology & data silos plague marketers with challenges in customer acquisition and engagement. With this in mind, we have innovated our platform to solve for the inefficiencies of marketing, identify new value and opportunities, and enable marketers to take action in creating more customer value.”

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Steve added, “We’re continuing to demonstrate our tradition of innovation, and it’s highlighted in the fact that our total global partner revenue grew 64% from 2016 to 2017. We look forward to providing our direct clients and partners with innovative solutions that maximize their efforts.”

The introduction of Mapp Cloud showcases the company’s commitment to innovating the services digital marketers demand today. Mapp Cloud provides marketers with a set of integrated solutions for all data management, analytics, marketing execution and reporting needs. The offering includes four primary solutions that work seamlessly together, as standalone offerings —

Mapp Acquire

Turns prospects into new customers with a data management platform (DMP) ensuring Mapp clients can leverage all their paid, owned, and earned channel data to identify new customer segments and deliver personalized digital experiences

Mapp Engage

Takes customer engagement to a new level with capabilities to orchestrate fully automated, comprehensive multi-step customer campaigns across email, social, mobile and web channels

Mapp Intelligence

A data and analytics solution that delivers actionable insights, helping customers to automate and optimize campaigns

Mapp Connect

A set of connectors and APIs to the third-party systems including CRM, DSP, and e-commerce tools that enables users to seamlessly combine Mapp Cloud data with their entire marketing ecosystem; including AppNexus, Google Adwords, LiveIntent and numerous others.

Mapp next-generation marketing technology is designed to meet the most demanding digital marketing needs, all while respectfully engaging with customers on a personal level. In a study conducted with market research firm Ascend2, Mapp revealed inadequate technology integration as a top barrier to achieving marketing goals with 62% of marketers stating their systems remain only marginally integrated or not integrated at all. Mapp Cloud solves for marketing inefficiencies and identifies new customer-oriented value through an integrated set of solutions.

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“There is no doubt Mapp Digital marketing technology helps our brand stand out in an increasingly noisy digital world,” said Jeroen Heslenfield, Lead E-commerce Europe & Sub-Sahara Africa at PepsiCo.

Jeroen added, “Since 2017, the Mapp team continue to help us reach our potential by creating meaningful, human connections and lasting engagements with our customers. We look forward to building on that success with Mapp Cloud.”

“Since partnering with Mapp, we’ve largely eliminated our previously disconnected or siloed email, SMS and app marketing channels by bringing them together in one, easy-to-use platform,” said Barbara Donelli, Marketing Manager at Expert Italy S.P.A., the leading consumer electronics retailer of Italy.

Barbara added, “Mapp Cloud ensures our roster of over 400 stores are in sync and that we are able to interact with desired audiences in a personalized way.”

Currently, Mapp Digital is one of the largest, global independent marketing technology companies. With Mapp Cloud, digital marketers have an integrated set of marketing solutions to drive acquisition & engagement of customers. Its foundation is an easy-to-use, flexible platform which covers data aggregation, customer segmentation, campaign design, multi-channel orchestration and scalable execution. Mapp Cloud can solve for the inefficiencies of marketing, identify new value and opportunities, and enable marketers to take action to create more customer value.

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