Marketers Gain Deep Customer Understanding with BlueConic’s Industry-Leading Customer Profiles Integrated with Decibel’s Proprietary Digital Experience Score

New Partnership Helps Marketers Maximize the Value of their Customer and Digital Platform Data to Deliver Smart Campaigns

BlueConic, the world’s leading customer data platform (CDP), and Decibel, the global leading digital experience intelligence platform, unveiled its partnership, aimed to empower marketers with even richer data to understand and respond to customer behavior across channels. Adding Decibel’s Digital Experience Score (DXS®), the first digital version of NPS, to the customer profiles built and stored in BlueConic provides an unprecedented level of customer understanding. With Blueconic and Decibel, marketing teams can now make their single customer view much richer by combining smart experience data and individual customer profiles to create highly personalized, effective marketing programs.

blueconic decibel partnership
“Everyone knows the feeling when you try to buy something online, but can’t because of a problem with the website or app, made worse by the fact that the brand doesn’t know about the problem until you tell them,” says Ben Harris, founder and CEO of Decibel. “In today’s customer-driven world, marketers need to show that they understand their customers at every step of the journey, or risk losing business. Injecting this empathy allows businesses to create better more connected experiences which builds brand loyalty and lifetime value. That’s why the integration of BlueConic’s CDP and our digital experience platform is so exciting.”

As a result of this partnership, marketers can:

Combine Decibel’s DXS®, the revolutionary new metric for measuring qualitative digital experiences, with any of the attributes already stored in an individual’s BlueConic profile for a complete view and understanding of digital experience.

Build segments in BlueConic that inform intelligent acquisition and conversion marketing programs to improve performance across the marketing lifecycle.

Use cross-channel insights to discover new, high-value audiences; reduce barriers along customers’ decision journeys, and identify the best ways to optimize marketing performance against the most critical KPIs.

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“Marketers have a wealth of data available to them today – data on customers, interactions, purchases, and visits. But because of silos and unsophisticated integrations, marketers are not always able to take advantage of the data in a way that impacts programs,” explains Bart Heilbron, co-founder and CEO of BlueConic. “By partnering with Decibel, we are providing marketers the means to add a powerful piece of customer data to their own dataset, so that they can leverage digital behaviors and a single view of the customer to improve all around marketing performance.”

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