AlikeAudience Supports Unified ID 2.0, Ushering in a New Era of Identity

AlikeAudience is pleased to announce official integration with Unified ID 2.0, the trusted ID solution to deliver relevant advertising while protecting consumer privacy in environments without third-party cookies.

Unified ID 2.0

Unified ID 2.0 is a new digital identity framework that serves as a connective fabric across the open internet. Initially developed by The Trade Desk, Unified ID 2.0 has received support across the entire advertising industry, including agencies, publishers, TV networks, adtech companies and more. Unified ID 2.0 is open sourced for use by all companies aligned with the corporate governance structure. Other powerful features include:

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  • Secure: Hashed and encrypted emails that cannot be converted back to email addresses
  • Trusted: All participants agree to a Code of Conduct to establish consumer trust
  • Transparent: Simple and granular consumer controls to understand data use

As an early adopter of Unified ID 2.0, AlikeAudience continues to commit to our vision of a world where marketers connect with the right customers through ethical, forward-thinking data solutions. Our support of Unified ID 2.0 will further enable media traders, agency planners, and advertisers to precisely connect with audiences across all digital channels beyond cookies, while providing the consumer with greater control.

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“Integrating Unified ID 2.0 allows planners and traders to leverage AlikeAudience’s demographic, Interests, and transactional audience segments at scale across digital channels, including web, mobile, and OTT,” says Bosco Lam, CEO of AlikeAudience.

“We are absolutely committed to putting consumers in control of their data. By integrating with the open-sourced and privacy-conscious Unified ID 2.0, AlikeAudience continues to deliver the best future-proof solutions in audience data for agency planners and traders,” comments Bosco.

Watch our CEO Bosco Lam discuss Unified ID 2.0 and its implications for the advertising industry at large at a panel organized by the IAB Tech Lab with other leading AdTech vendors.

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