Infutor Adds Onboarding & Crosswalk Capability for Connected TV Covering 150 Million Consumers Nationwide

Two Leading Streaming Services Are Tapping into Infutor’s Digital Solutions Suite to Enable Targeted CTV Advertising

Consumer identity management expert Infutor today introduced an update to its Identity Resolution services including a new IP Intelligence solution used to extend marketing reach and activate connected TV (CTV) ad campaigns. Two of the leading streaming services are already using Infutor to activate CTV campaigns for their advertisers.

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With CTV viewership and advertisers’ interest in reaching those viewers continuing to rise, so too does the need for improved data interoperability to create and target relevant CTV-viewing audiences. While working with multiple data providers is often required to get first-party and device-level data matched to an authoritative offline dataset and onboarded for CTV activation, Infutor delivers to platforms, publishers and brands identity resolution accuracy and scale in a single solution.

“Persistent household IP addresses are critical for CTV advertising but most providers don’t have an effective offline linking capability or an adequate level of PII sensitivity. We decided to develop the solution internally to ensure the data and matching process is consistent with the diligent, industry leading approach we use to compile and enhance our entire identity graph,” said Gary Walter, CEO of Infutor.

With Infutor’s CTV-enabling Identity Resolution services, marketers can achieve digital identity resolution and cross device resolution to deliver consistent omnichannel messaging. This includes extending marketing reach by using digital identities to target consumers across mobile devices and connected TVs, while maintaining control of first-party data.

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“We are unlocking value by connecting valid profiles to anonymous US consumers – resolvable on one identifier – so that platforms and publishers can quickly activate accurate and privacy-compliant linkages,” added Walter.

Infutor has also added anonymized, device-level insights to allow data scientists at brands, publishers and platforms to apply custom rules for identifying relationships to connected devices.

Infutor’s consumer identity management solutions make marketers’ contact databases more actionable by providing access to supplemental privacy-compliant behavioral and household attributes on 266 million US consumers across 120 million households. These signals coupled with Infutor’s Identity Resolution capabilities enable marketers to anchor first, second and third-party data sources to the national population with Infutor serving as both the onboarder and enrichment provider.

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